Sukhmani Sahib:11th Ashtapadee:4th Pauri:My understanding

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Sukhmani Sahib:11th Ashtapadee:4th Pauri:My understanding

Postby Amarpal Singh » Tue Jul 31, 2012 9:35 am

Dear Khalsa Ji,

With the grace of ‘The Sat’, today, I share my understanding of 4th Pauri of 11th Ashtapadee of Sukhmani Sahib with you.

1. iKn mih nIc kIt kau rwj ] khin meh neech keet ka-o raaj.
In no time, a lower order insect can be made to become a King by ‘Sat’.

My understanding:

As I understand, this world is real in the dimension we live in i.e. earthly life; our life is a dream as viewed from the higher dimension – it is just like animated picture as seen from there.
‘Sat’ can always change the Akaar that the specific life form has. That is how through rebirth we do acquire different forms of life. The entire creation is a game for ‘The Sat’ and it can do whatever it wants to do. It can make an insect to become a King and vice versa at its own pleasure.

2. pwrbRhm grIb invwj ] The Supreme Lord God is the Protector of the humble.

My understanding:

Humility is an attribute that demands absence of Ahamkara. Ahamkara is poison where as Humility is nectar; Guru Sahib, in Siri Guru Granth Sahib has repeatedly asked its readers to Shed Ahamkara and embrace Humility. Humility is a Godly attribute and thus is liked by ‘The Sat’; naturally a humble person finds support from ‘’Sat’ in the form of protection.

3. jw kw idRsit kCU n AwvY ] jaa kaa darisat kachhoo na aavai.
Those who are not in anyone’s field of view and thus are not known,

4. iqsu qqkwl dh ids pRgtwvY ] tis tatkaal dah dis paragtaavai.
becomes famous all over and thus becomes known.

My understanding:

Guru Sahib introduces us to the Supremacy of ‘The Sat’ over the entire creation. In its creation, it is the ‘Sat’ who creates the causes; it is ‘The Sat’ who drives the cosmic processes that impact on the targeted person; it is the ‘Sat’ who creates the external environments which observe and react to the impact on the targeted person.
This tells us how limited we are and what the ‘Sat’ is. This learning should contribute towards our attempt to shed Ahamkara. Whatever is, and whatever happens or will happen “Karta Purakh is the cause.

5. jw kau ApunI krY bKsIs ] jaa ka-o apunee karai bakhsees.
The one who is blessed by ‘Sat’,

6. qw kw lyKw n gnY jgdIs ] taa kaa laykhaa na ganai jagdees.
It does not bring the person’s account into consideration.

My understanding:

We all know that the justice of ‘Sat’ is absolute and administered without fear or favour. Those who have given up their self and dedicated themselves to the service of the creation of the ‘Sat’ get blessed by ‘Sat’ and though living in this world, rally do not belong to it; they become instrument of ‘Sat’ all that the do is on prompting from ‘Sat’; their acts now become the act of the ‘Sat’ itself and thus they are not held accountable for them even in the court of the ‘Sat’. Such individuals no longer have an address – i.e. Í-ness’, lacking any address, the karmic processes cannot impact on this person, this has become godly. We all know that ‘Sat’ is beyond and above these forces and so is the case of true sewaks of the ‘Sat’. Though this person, physically living in this earthly environment, its being, in fact, has risen to a much higher cosmic dimension beyond the reach of karmic processes and thus, even their past karmas get burnt. This is what I understand from the two tuks above.

7. jIau ipMfu sB iqs kI rwis ] jee-o pind sabh tis kee raas.
The force that sustains life in us – Soul; and the form – body that we posses belong to the ‘Sat’.

My understanding:

We did not create our body, in fact we know very little about how it functions in such wonderful manner. Someone has created this body. Though it took form in human womb, even the mother does not know how all happened. This way we can see that it does not belong to the person, it belongs to the entity that created it – the ‘Sat’.
The same is true of the force that sustains life in this body. We do not know what it is; we call it Soul i.e. Atman. This too does not belong to us; it belongs to the entity that created it – the ‘Sat’.

This is what Guru Sahib has said in the above Tuk, that the body and Soul, both are the property of the ‘Sat’.

8. Git Git pUrn bRhm pRgws ] ghat ghat pooran barahm pargaas.
Being of each and every person is illuminated by the ‘Sat’ within.

My understanding:

When we are born we have Atman which is nothing but ‘Parmatma’ i.e. ‘Sat’. It is this entity which formed the body in mother’s womb. It is this alone which carry us through, till we start developing individuality and start acquiring worldly attribute. Even with individuality growing the ‘Sat’ continues to illuminate our being showing us the right path. This ‘Sat’ always remains with us.

9. ApnI bxq Awip bnweI ] apnee banat aap banaa-ee.
The ‘Sat’ scultures its own creation.

My understanding:

Guru Sahib tells us that it is the ‘Sat’ who designs our mission for the life and then it helps ud to accomplish the mission when we are on earth in human form.

10. nwnk jIvY dyiK bfweI ]4] naanak jeevai daykh badaa-ee. ||4||
Nanak lives realizing and admiring the greatness of the ‘Sat’.

My understanding:

Guru Sahib expresses his inner happiness, resulting from realization and admiration of the infinite greatness of the ‘Sat’.

With this I close the post.

With love and respect for all.

Amarpal Singh
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