Why Do We Not Clap Our Hands In a Gurudwara Sahib?

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Why Do We Not Clap Our Hands In a Gurudwara Sahib?

Postby kapoordhruv » Thu Mar 12, 2015 6:16 am

Request you all to please let me know the correct reason behind this.
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Re: Why Do We Not Clap Our Hands In a Gurudwara Sahib?

Postby swarn bains » Sun Mar 15, 2015 3:24 pm

i do not think too many people are going toa nswer to your request. it is a social net. the serious people stay away from here.
but i would like to say a few words my conscious dictates me to say.
clapping during the qwali and other occasions is to praise the function performed by the performer. it is a good gesture. remember this is a gesture from the brain and haa haa hee type of feelings, that do not last for long.
in gurdwara or sahib . it is a sacred place. here the value is put on the soul, godliness, humility, love and greatness to worship God. it is sacred. here only the soul has to admire and clap. it is done in the head and by bowing down the head the respect and admiration is shown. but the soul speaks.
you asked the question. can u tell me if you clap in gurdwara, it disturbs the calmness of the audience of the devotees. it is an atmosphere of peace and calm in gurdwara which gets disturbed by clapping which is a physical phenomina, not a mental one. i would like to hear from you for further discusion or argument depending whether you are trying to chase the devotees or want to learn something out of it.
in gurdwara some times if the deotees want to praise the performer, they say bole so nihaal satsari akal. it represents the function of seriousness and admiration by the soul.
does anyone feel the same when they clap and admaire the performer.
lastly. it is a discipline in gurdwara otherwise the huligons can start making noise which is not the function in the gurdwara
swarn bains
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Re: Why Do We Not Clap Our Hands In a Gurudwara Sahib?

Postby Guest » Wed Apr 15, 2015 12:15 am

In his book, Cunningham writes about a Nihang Singh who worked single-handedly to make a road to a village near the city of Ropar. This man was not worried about his salvation. He was liberated-in-life already. He did that work only to make his body worthwhile. Without his asking for anything, the villagers brought him food.
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Re: Why Do We Not Clap Our Hands In a Gurudwara Sahib?

Postby Guest » Sun Sep 13, 2015 3:03 pm

Our Gurus have always used musical instruments and that is what we use too. It simply is not in the Sikh tradition.

I have been to Christian gatherings where there are no musical instruments - so they just clap their hands and enjoy.

Otherwise - it is better for the concentration without clapping hands. We need to listen in the Guradwara. We can join in too - with our voices.

Shabads in the Gurdwara are often sung with musical instruments and shene which ladies beat during their sat sangs and also during aarti.

In the Guradwara we are often listening to katha and we respond with a jekara which is Waheguru Ji Ka Khalsa Waheguru Ji Ki Fateh.

When going to church you are free to clap hands and join in singing the praise of the Lord. In the Gurdwara, our Gurus taught us to do it in a different manner.
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