Sikh American featured by the White House

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Sikh American featured by the White House

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“My name is Amar Sawhney. After I graduated from the University of Texas at Austin with an M.S. in Chemical Engineering, I ended up being turned down for a job by all 30 companies I had applied to. Back in India, success was pretty easy to come by. But now I was in the United States…where I was an immigrant without a work visa. So the stakes were pretty high. But fortunately, this tough situation propelled me in a direction that I otherwise may never have taken, had things come easier.

During my graduate studies my academic advisor and I invented some very elegant technology that allowed us to do super-fast chemical reactions directly on living cells and tissues without harming them. We were approached by a venture capital fund that wanted to start a company using our technology, and there began my entrepreneurial career. Thanks to the JOBS Act signed by President Obama, my latest venture had a smoother path to an initial public offering as an emerging growth company.” --Amar Sawhney, CEO of Ocular Therapeutix

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