Why go to gym

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Why go to gym

Post by KamaljitSingh »

If one wishes to be slim and have an athelitic looks he needn't go to gym and punish his body.He simply need to
1-Stop consuming refined sugar.
2-Cut on fried stuff.
After eating chillies one would have craving for sugar.So,avoid chillies.Corrosive items like alcohol,tea,spices would require extra lubrication in the form of fats.Avoid them too.
Slim is smart.At least nowadays.
Satnam Waheguru

Sewa is a bit extra that we do for the fellow beings and we may call it 'Practical Simran'.
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Re: Why go to gym

Post by mani_singh »

it still isnt the same,
working out in one way or another keeps your muscles strong. If you work out (running everyday for example) keeps your muscles from becomin weak. In India people would work in the fields all day which helped them get excerisise (however now they have people doing the labor for them). In western countries, there is less physical work so going to the gym is needed. You should google the benefits fo working out.

Eating healthier food wont help because if you dont use up the excess calories/fat that you get from food, you'll get fat.
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Re: Why go to gym

Post by rustycusak »

Does going up to my own gym in the loft count!? Generally I go to the gym every other day. The real advantage of a gym at home is that it is so convenient and can exercise when I want. However on reflection some structure in terms of times would maybe be better.

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Re: Why go to gym

Post by Guest »

What a load of rubbish Kamaljit......... you need to combine diet, cardio and weight training/sport to get an athletic body unless you are genetically already have a athletic type makeup. About not punishisng your body - well no pain no gain!
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Re: Why go to gym

Post by SatveerSingh »

Sat Sri Akal Pyaare saadh sangat.

Everyone is different, what may work for someone may not work for someone else. Taking that into account, what KamalJit has said previously perhaps applies and works for him, and on one level it is true. Refined sugars, processed foods, or any procedure undertaken without understanding its purpose/meaning is pointless and in a way may be harmful. The reason for cooking certain foods is simply to make them more digestible by the body. for example grains like rice, flour, cannot be directly digested by the body, hence we have to cook them. However a great amount of vegetables and fruits are readily accessible by the body in their natural (uncooked) form, so cooking them is only destroying nutrients rather than anything.

However, even the Gurus had promoted sport/physical activity, as its a simply rule in nature: you don't use it, you lose it. Especially in our lifestyle today, most of the day is spent in minimum activity, compared to perhaps a century ago, or a few decades even. This is why to maintain the muscle tone and body structure that we (as human beings) inherently possessed through our natural lifestyle previously, we now have to utilize certain (almost artificial) means to achieve this.

At the end of the day, life/nature/the universe is about balance, so its not to say its just diet, or just exercise ... or even to have a list of things to check off in order to achieve this balance, rather to find what works for you, within yourself.

Sat Sri Akal
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Re: Why go to gym

Post by LoveMyIndianBF »

I disagree. If you want muscles then hit the gym. If men are slim, they would look feminine.
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Re: Why go to gym

Post by healthways001 »

i totally disagree with kamaljit. Because if you want to some extra, you will do extra. If you want to body building or slim good personality then go with gym. Its not any punishment.
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Re: Why go to gym

Post by ruchibatra9 »

To be fit and fine....
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Re: Why go to gym

Post by sbajwa »

Human body has many different types of muscles for example muscles in your limbs and then the heart muscle .

1. Strength training will build up your muscles that you need to burn off the food you eat.
2. Cardio training will push the oxygen faster to the limb muscles through heart which will keep your heart muscle strong.

so ideally you should do both for example

1. 10 minutes of warm up with weights.
2. 30 minutes of running on treadmill or elliptical. Heart rate depends upon your age but 150 beats per minute for at least every other 2 minutes of the 30 minutes is good to keep your heart muscle strong (Please consult your doctor before you go on pushing your heart to 150).
3. 20 minutes of strength training (rotate between arms and legs and chest and back)

This exercise is good for both men and women (doing more repetitions with less weight builds up lean muscle and pushing your body with more and more weight bulks you up so decide for yourself).

bottom line is that in this modern world you must exercise 1 hour daily (5 days a week) for rest of your life.
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Re: Why go to gym

Post by Ricky100 »

The gym is a best place for doing a workout and we can get any kind of training easily so I think the gym is a good place and it's a good thing to join a gym for fitness. Everyone should join a gym for doing work out there.
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