BETRAY by a Singh What Should i do?

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BETRAY by a Singh What Should i do?

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I do apologize fo the true an honest person who are on this forum But I am so mad right now.
I am French married with a Sikh person since 7 years ago. Today- Today when going on my husband facebook i dicovered that he is getting married there. He never told me anything and I am so mad especially that I have a daughter and my husband means the world to her.
I am writing you as I try to understand how a husband can so that to his wife without telling her and how a father can live his daughter in a very bad situation?
Thank you in advance for your answer I really need to understand to make me going.

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Re: BETRAY by a Singh What Should i do?

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Do what you would do if were married to a French man? Notify authorities. Polygamy is illegal in India and France. As far as I know, anyone can have a civil marriage in India, however, he must submit proof that he is single for registering the marriage. At any rate, you may need to hire an attorney.
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Re: BETRAY by a Singh What Should i do?

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Your husband cannot legally get married in India unless he produces a Non Objection Certificate from the French embassy, However its possibly that this marriage is meant for India purpose only and wont be registered, so effectively he has a family there and a family in France.

You do have legal rights, you can contact the french embassy and tell them about your husband getting married etc, try and contact a lawyer in india-punjab from yellow pages.

On a side note, did you husband wear a turban and unshorn beard ? No that doesn't mean who don't are not Sikhs but i wanted to know the commitment he had towards his faith.

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