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Re: need advice

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I don't think anyone should be in an abusive relationship. I don't know why inlaws or anyone matter so much to girls they should just work on making their relationship stronger with their husbands. Once you feel comfortable sharing your thoughts with your spouse no one came between u too,, you guys had 2years time, that's a lot, you could have behaved like lovers in long distance relation while in university, the most wonderful time of life! otherwise you have a real strong base for divorce, living separate, physical abuse, living for over a year in Canada, that's enough to file a petition and probably you can get free legal aid too..
or you can give him a 2nd chance and try making things as romantic as possible,, u will be with him for 24/7 and even 2-3 phone calls from ur m-i-l everyday can't change anything if u guys become really close and try not to raise a family till u are sure he is all yours :)
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