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Sikh / Manglik ( Hindu)

Posted: Sat Jul 18, 2020 5:36 pm
by Guest
Waheguru ji ka Khalsa
Waheguru ji Ki Fateh
Ssk everyone,

I am a 19 year old Sikh female looking for some help with my relationship with a man 8 years older than me who is a Hindu. We are located in North America. I am with my parents and his parents are back home in India. Starting with some of my background history. I dated my ex for around 2 years and he was a Sikh as well and my parents knew about us and stuff. But things started to get bad when he cheated on me and I was distracted as well, not to blame him for everything but I was bad at communicating. I don’t feel the same for him anymore and I decided to break up however, my mom is really behind me to get back to him. She wouldn’t talk to me and make my life hard so I get back to him...... and he is consistently behind my mom to get me back... my mom does Amrit vela for us to get back.( another reason I don’t wanna be with him is bec my mom supports him more than me ) I feel sad to say this but I am over him. Now I have Hindu partner everything was completely fine until 7 months between us and he suddenly started ignoring me not texting and things changed and he is not same like before. I asked him more than 100 times but he said he is stressed bec of work. And then after 3 weeks of him ignoring me I get a phone call from his friend saying his parents want him to get married bec his grandfather is sick and other stuff and I was like y didn’t he tell me. Then she adds oh and his parents are looking for a manglik girl Bec he is life time manglik and I am like I don’t know what manglik is .... is it a religion or something then she tells me how if the partner is not manglik someone in the relationship dies. I went into complete shock that people still believe in this and more than that I feel bad how my partner didn’t tell me but told her to tell me this...... next day I go talk to him like what is this how can u do this...he adds how his parents believe it and he believes it too. To be honest I don’t have any problem with his believes of his parents believe but this is not right.... to date someone for almost a year and to leave them on this note. He said he is gonna ask his friend in India to see if our kundlis match and to find out if I am manglik or not. And also said to my face that i will not wanna ruin ur life by getting married to u and later something happens won’t be able to forgive my self ever. Waheguru show me right path.... I tried to explain him that when u love someone u don’t think about all this. I also told him I am ready to get married to u but in my heart I wanna study and stand on my feet so atleast my parents think I am capable of choosing my partner. Now my only option is what happens if u are not manglik ( heard something about marrying a tree ) and he told his mom to confirm about this. However his mom doesn’t know about me... second option is to wait and find out if I am manglik or not. I love his guy a lot with all my heart. I promise waheguru I will not force him on anything. I have also started Amrit vela I take shower and do path at 3.. I visit gurudwara and mandir onces week now. I am donating money. ..... I put my ten pay for waheguru. I am doing every possible thing in my hand..... I have a lot of faith in waheguru. But on the same time I don’t know what to do it’s a big shock for me I didn’t even know theses things existed until 2 weeks ago... I am helping people as much as I can not because I want waheguru to listen to me but I have always helped people. I am not telling him to change his beliefs for me or his parents to change their beliefs.. bas waheguru menu v manglik bana do.... I don’t mind..... I need some positivity and suggestions pleases...! I can’t imagine my life without him... he was always there when I needed him the most..
Maaaf karo agar I said something wrong....
I use to see in movies how people don’t eat bec they are stressed and I experienced it and it’s real. U don’t eat bec u don’t want to but u don’t eat bec u don’t feel like eating....
just realized how much stress everyone has in their life. I promise waheguru agar tusi meray liye ena karta I will bring joy to everyone...... I will do everything to help.... I will Focus on my parents and never try to make anyone feel bad. I will not leave path or Amrit vela if everything is fine. Forgive me for all my bad decisions :(
I don’t want to change anyone’s thinking just need to live is peace and spreed peace. I respect all religions....