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Facial hair

Posted: Thu Dec 19, 2019 5:08 am
by Tadpole
I find girhisthi very hard. I am born in a gursikh family, my dad being a very good gursikh . My mom had some facial hair, my nani has it but among children I have facial hair. My elder sister, younger sister, no one else has it. My elder sister used to be very good at kirtan and gurbani when we were young. On the other hand, I was always fun loving and witty kid. My elder sister being pretty easily got a good rishta. In fact, anyone would have said yes to her. All was going good until some facial hair sprout out towards the end of my degree. I had trouble finding a good rishta then. I got a rishta before, the guy wasn’t good and wasn’t supportive of my hair, even wasn’t supportive of dastar. I cut my hair for him. Then, I found another rishta, the family and the guy was good. I feel empty if I do anything to my hair. I feel sorry for the guy and the family if I get married. I feel sorry to my dad if I don’t get married as he feels bad if I stay unmarried. I am in the middle of the chaos stuck with good people. If I try dating, I am not inline with sikhi and bring disgrace to the family and also it’s not inline with my values.