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Please help!

PostPosted: Thu Feb 07, 2019 8:03 pm
by Dave82
Please help! Has anyone on this message board done the CLB (Canadian Language Benchmarks) Test? My wife did her CLB test just recently. She got a 5 Band in Speaking, Listening, and Reading and a 3 band in Writing. Reason she got 3 band in Writing was that she wrote 3 page essay instead of 2 page essay. She has very good ideas in writing. I’ve read her essay’s. She wanted 7 bands total. She feels sad and is feeling stressed. She told me the questions in the speaking part of the test they asked her were easy and that she gave good short answers to the questions they asked her. I help her out with answering the speaking part of the questions. I correct her mistakes when she answers the questions. I read out the questions to her and she answers back the questions i ask her. It’s like answering job interview questions. She does the listening practice test on YouTube. Her listening skills are very good. This was her first time trying the CLB test. The CLB test was free for first time didn’t have to pay a fee. Second time she will have to pay a fee to do the CLB test. I think they gave her low bands on purpose so that when she comes back to do the CLB test she will have to pay a fee. Maybe the examiner gave her low bands because the examiner is strict or the examiner hates Indian people or the examiner had a bad day. She felt so confident that she would get 7 Bands. Her ielts teacher and I said that “You’re ready for the CLB test” I just don’t know what happened that day. I feel soo angry at her examiner I just want to go back and ask them (the examiner) why you gave her 5 Bands and a 3 in Writing. I blame her examiner.

She wants to clear the CLB test so she could get admission to attend a college or university to study to become a Health Care Assistant.

My mom and dad told her “It’s ok, You can write the CLB test in two weeks”

My wife feels that she let my parents down by breaking their dreams. She put herself down by calling herself “DUMB”. I told her “No don’t say that, You’re not a dumb person”

I’m very worried for her. I don’t want her to have depression.

Nothing seems to go right for her. The 8 months since she came to Canada, she did her knowledge driving test 5 times and failed each time.

I’m very worried she’s been here in Canada for 8 months. I don’t want her to leave me and go back to India.

Re: Please help!

PostPosted: Wed Feb 13, 2019 1:27 pm
by Dave82
I feel stressed out about a another new problem. Last week I went to see my family doctor to get Cialis pills. I started using the pills this week. My wife knows I got the Cialis pills. I talked with my wife about baby planning this week. The last two days on her birthday and on our 2nd wedding anniversary She made up excuses when I lay close to her in bed and hug her she says “I have headache, I have stomach ache, I feel tired. She says “I want to plan for baby after I finish my study” I believe she’s lying to me when she said that. I think she is planning something with her parents back in India that if she doesn’t get good bands on her 2nd CLB test she will leave me and go back to India to divorce me. She has lied to me before she said to my mom I don’t have periods but when my wife and I got to the hotel she told me she had periods. She lied to me about her periods to avoid sex on first night. I found out from mom that she lied to me. She ruined my 1st night.

My Parents always ask me “have you two planned for a baby?” They want us to plan for baby now so that my wife doesn’t leave me to go back to India and by having a baby it will bring my wife and I closer together and bring my parents happiness. My parents have a nephew and a niece in the family.

What should I explain to my wife? Should I tell her that having a baby in the family brings you and i closer together and brings happiness? Sometimes my parents get angry at me that you’ve been married for two years and both of you haven’t planned for baby yet. My parents really want another grand child. My dad has 10 years left on this planet he has diabetes and has COPD. I’m feeling frustrated, sad, and angry. Sometimes I think why my parents choose this girl for me. She’s weak in her studies.

This problem is keeping me awake all night. I can’t sleep. I feel that I’m depressed. I don’t know what to do.