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Re: swimming by amitdhari

Postby khak dware di » Mon Jun 11, 2012 10:10 am

This is a personal decision but it must be a practical one. Was the role of a kirpan one of practicality (to protect one's self and others) or a symbolic one (much like a jeanue)? If it is a practical one, there is no need to wear a small kirpan in a kanga; it will do nothing to protect yourself or anyone else. The kanga symbolizing cleanliness and hygiene has no place in a swimming pool unless you plan on fixing your hair as your swim. Board shorts would be just as good as providing modesty as a kachhera. Do things which make sense to you, my opinions or the opinions of anyone else on this forum shouldn't matter.
khak dware di
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Re: swimming by amitdhari

Postby cirrus » Mon Jun 11, 2012 10:38 am

Dear Charandoor ji
I mentioned seeing a person wearing Janao while swimming in a pool. It was mentioned in the context that ppl do not hesitate to wear their symbol of faith and do not feel shy about it.

And you said
can one put their siri sahib in pee-water in the swimming pool, it is grave disrespect to the bringer-of-grace.

I would like you to enlighten us all here that did the Khalsa fauj while crossing / wading through the river waters shed their five "K"s. We all know the river waters are badly polluted with human waste, animal waste, dung etc and also small nallahs carry village waste into the rivers....
Also , if you know swimming you would have realised that even if you are a very good swimmer some water does go into the mouth( and i have not seen anyone puking it) and it is just taken in stride while swimming. For that matter ask any swimmer..... and nobody minds... And if you are calling swimming pool water as pee water... and you are accepting to drink it.... as fait accompli what is that... ????
Request you to answer.... but do so politely... don't get agitated if you don't like someones views here . We all have same right to have and express views and interpret as per our understanding....
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Re: swimming by amitdhari

Postby Jaybee » Mon Jun 11, 2012 11:59 am

charandhoor wrote:cirrus ji,

can one put their siri sahib in pee-water in the swimming pool, it is grave disrespect to the bringer-of-grace.

If you worry about that you will not be able to swim anywhere but your own private pool. The TRILLIONS of fish in the seas, rivers and lakes all over the world, producing millions of tons of exrement every year, just where do you think they defecate? I can assure you they don't use the boys room.
One God.
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Re: swimming by amitdhari

Postby NSJ » Mon Jun 11, 2012 1:43 pm

Khalsa in Guruji's times were pre-occupied with their struggle with the Mughals. So they were always ready to face any military challange. We are not living under those conditions. If you don't feel comfortable or fear damaging your kirpan while swimming then by all means take it off. I don't think GuruJi meant for anyone to wear all Ks 24 hours a day under any conditions. I think a bit of common sense is required as to when it is ok to temporarily take something off:

- one wouldn't wear a Kirpan while going through an MRI
- one would take off the Kanga while washing hair
- one would take off the Kara while working in a machine shop
- one would take off Kachera during marital relations
- and Kesh well they are a part of your body so if you are Khalsa you wouldn't choose any activity that requires cutting of kesh

The key is not to follow anything to the level of absurdity.
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Re: swimming by amitdhari

Postby charandhoor » Mon Jun 11, 2012 3:14 pm

Dear Cirrus ji,

I am not the one getting agitated..I want to out some sense in an otherwise unscientific faith we have made Sikhi today...people are stuck into minor things and make them as do and donts for themselves..

I am in US and see all sorts of people around me from different parts of the world...if somebody behaves like a pandit..its pretty bad because one would not be able put logic into it.
I am not trying to argue or trying to tell anybody what to do...i mentioned it already..these are my opinions
there are bigger things at stake here then such small non-existential.

Regarding the 3 inch 'sword', there is probably no body in Khalsa heritage who carried a knife and called themselves bringer-of- grace.

If there was debris and garbage floating in the rivers and nullahs and khalsa crossing them, I would be curious to know....how they did it...

Please with all due respect, we may not AGREE on everything or Anything, but our Guru is same and if we Ask our Guru when something becomes a Ritual, I repeat Ritual, its waste of time..
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Re: swimming by amitdhari

Postby deepharn » Mon Jun 11, 2012 11:19 pm

It is your choice.

If people can carry their marriage rings, anklets and bracelets into swimming pool, why cannot you. It is your choice, how to keep your promise to your guru.

As far as other Sikhs who have taken Amrit are concerned, I have seen them in pool in costumes , wearing costumes above their kacheras and Siri sahib. In western world, I have seen them in bath showers, covered and not nude.

As far as change is concerned, that Sikhs should change with season or geography, I dont agree. Sikhs have to re-orient to their guru and not otherwise. If emotions in human have remained same since centuries, then I don't know why our observance of Sikh rules should change. Sikhs, like fashion should not change every now and then - hippies in 1960' druggies in 1970', sex teens in 1980s and single parenrts in 1990 to be called modern and fit with modern world. There are certain things which can change - pajama can become pant and kurta can become coat and so on. But basics rules, meditation and avoidances should be observed as taught by the Guru.

I have seen amritdhari Sikhs, remove kanga from hair and keep it in dastar tied around their waist while washing/drying hair. I have seen some sikhs may remove their kara from hand and put in their pocket while working in machine shop - still on their body. And so on. They try to live up to their promise they made to their guru. It is between you and your guru, that binds you.

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Re: swimming by amitdhari

Postby jennifer1234 » Fri Nov 03, 2017 1:05 am


Everyone has right to wear their symbol of faith while swimming, it will only up to there personal choices.

Wearing their symbol of faith during swimming doesn't mean they disrespect them.
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