New path to follow. please help

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New path to follow. please help

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Hi, its been about 2 years since I've been diagnosed with depression. Recently i moved out of my family home to start university with sudden dedication and motivation only for that to plummet within 2 weeks of moving in. I am feeling depressed, I'm having very bad thoughts again. I want to start doing paath to ease my mind and self from all bad thoughts and negativity, to help become a happier and less burdened soul, but I'm not sure where to start. All I know is that there is a morning paath, Japuji Sahib and Mool Mantar. Im also not fluent in the language and all I know is my mool mantar. I know some may think you should remember Waheguru regardless of circumstances and situations in your life but a start from somewhere is better than not starting at all.

Please help, im not sure where to start and what to do.
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Re: New path to follow. please help

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Try taking out some time to do some service like going to gurudwara sahib and doing service in langar(free food) or washing dishes or cleaning or something. This will make you feel content and thankful because you’re doing good deeds, serving the needy. Then, you should also spare some time to medidate. You can sit for like 10 minutes or half an hour to chant ‘waheguru’.
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Re: New path to follow. please help

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I understand how you feel, I think that you should try and make yourself become somewhat fluent in the punjabi language to try and keep your mind on something rather having negative thoughts - It's a great way to keep yourself busy in a more positive and beneficial way. I understand that you are in University which in itself can be a very stressful time, try to master punjabi a bit and try starting to read new paats. Start with the 5 morning banis 1. Japji Sahib 2. Jaap sahib 3. Tav prsaad svaiye 4. Chaupee sahib 5. Anand sahib if you are struggling to read them try listening to them on youtube - there are some really nice audios online. If you can, maybe try to wake up Amrit vela (anywhere from 1 am-6.00am) and listen or do the paat, really concentrate on it and you will internally reach peace. I also went through a stage like this, I was feeling very depressed and felt out of place in the world and this really helped me to get through. Even to this day, I still sometimes struggle with problems that come into my life and everyday struggles of society. Please try to do this and in a weeks time let me know how you feel and how your doing.
I hope this helps
and goodluck! just remember that waheguru ji is always with you :)
if you would like to stay in touch just let me know - I am also here for you - I understand what you're going through
Waheguru ji ka khalsa
Waheguru ji ki fateh
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