Vaisakhi Parties

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Vaisakhi Parties

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Why not we do any our festival parties, as Christians do Christmas parties, Muslims do Iftar parties and Hindu do Diwali parties. I think that Vaisakhi is the best festival to do parties because it is religious as well as cultural festival.

We can have family get together parties. We can invite other religion and country people to the parties to tell them about our religion and culture. It doesn’t matter that parties are done at home or party hall. We can make variety of vegetarian Punjabi dishes for them.

Our young generation will also take part in this type of celebrations. I always think that there should be a festival, we can cook or make many variety of dishes at home like other religion people do cooking on their religious festival.
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Re: Vaisakhi Parties

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everybody does baisakhi party except you or your friends and relatives. we all celebrate it that also by drinking as well except those who do not drink of course
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