Tips for Increasing Willpower?

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Tips for Increasing Willpower?

Post by Fateh_Jeet »

Sat Sri Akal everyone!

I would like to get some feedback if possible.

My question was: What are some ways to increase willpower (using Sikhi principles)?

So far, I know by doing Simran and reading Gurbani will help a lot.

Any other ideas?

Thank You In Advance
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Re: Tips for Increasing Willpower?

Post by Gaganjeet »

Yes, Simran and reading Gurbani will help. But you need to ensure that you get absorbed in the activity and it should not be mere reading. Sikhs had asked guru Gobind S ji why they were not able to experience trance even after doing simran and reading Gurbani. Guru sahib said that one cannot get intoxicated if he/she gargles SUKH NIDHAN (drink createed from herbs which has intoxicating quality). A person has to swallow it. Same is the concept with Gurbani, simran.

Apart from this other helpful methods are - 1. try to intermittently press the centre of your right arm. try to find the centre from the elbow of yor right arma and the wrist of the same arm. The accupressure researchers have concluded that the CHETNA (vital force) in a human body has its centre there which gradually becomes weak with age, etc. Pressing the pint for 5 mins gives longevity and increases your will power, strength.
2. A healthy body resides in a healthy mind. A NAAM RASIYE saint used to say. Practice your AHAAR, ACHAAR AND VIHAAR (food, good sangat, dressing) as per gurmat. you will have a peaceful mind and eventually a healthy body. I can personally say it makes a big big difference to dress up properly and decent, keep a good sangat- sit with enlightened souls, people who have good thoughts at work place, etc; and finally your food intake. eat that is easily digestible, eat less. Doctors say that we only need food the size of our fist. rest all is thrown out of our body but it exerts the different systems a lot hence we age quickly, become prone to various diseases, etc. Better to stick to vegetarian diet. especially avoid oily or heavy stuff at night- paneer, kadhi with pakoras, etc.

the will power automatically increases when we spend time with oursleves. It is better to know ourselves properly. I was doing some calculations about myself and i was surprised that i myself dont know 70 to 80 percent about myself. its good to ponder on what triggered a certain reaction, how the ega played smartly when i did something and just tried to cover it. it could be a simple thing like making a bad sabzi, not appreciating a fellow colleague, not taking a feedback about a certain thing.

This has worked with me. Putting reigns on ACHAAR, AHAAR, VIHAAR and spending time with myself.
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Re: Tips for Increasing Willpower?

Post by Truth1 »

1) Never lie, not even a white lie.

That way, you believe in yourself and everything u say.

2) Don't treat others the way you have been treated badly. If someone has treated u badly in a certain way or u have seen someone been treated badly, make a vow to yourself (at at this point, u do not lie so u should fully believe and adhere to your vow) that u will never treat someone badly like that.

Be a good, honest person, attune youself to the frequency of Naam/Truth(listen to Anhad Naad, Symbolic of the Truth/Silence and learn n apply the gyan He teaches u).
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