Hazur Sahib has unique maryada

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Hazur Sahib has unique maryada

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source: http://www.tribuneindia.com/2008/20081030/punjab1.htm#4

Hazur Sahib has unique maryada Varinder Walia
Tribune News Service

Hazur Sahib, October 29
Maryada (Sikh code) does not allow the Jathedar of Takht Hazur Sahib to leave Nanded till death and he has to be a “brahmchari” throughout life.

As per two-century-old maryada, the Jathedar, Giani Kulwant Singh, can’t attend the meetings of Akal Takht though he nominates his second in command (vice-Jathedar) to attend the meetings of Sikh high priests at Akal Takht. Though the first ardas in the wee hours is performed at Takht Hazur Sahib for allowing the Sikh community to do a pilgrimage of all historical gurdwaras, including the Golden Temple, as per the maryada of Takht Hazur Sahib, Giani Kulwant Singh can’t pay obeisance there.

Talking to The Tribune, Dalip Singh, a class fellow of Giani Kulwant Singh, said he (Jathedar) had to remain at Nanded as his duty starts at 2 am with the performance of ardas before washing of the sanctum sanctorum with holy water of the Godavari is carried out. After a break of only a couple of hours, the Jathedar has to perform the daily rites in the sanctum sanctorum where even other Sikh high priests are not allowed to enter.

Finally, the Jathedar goes back to his official residence in the Takht complex after the evening prayers, which are performed in the most traditional manner.

Gagrya Sikh Hardyala Singh, who carries gaggar (a silver utensil) for carrying holy water from the Godavari to Takht Hazur Sahib, too has to be bachelor and can’t leave Nanded till death. A task force of the youth, carrying traditional weapons, escort him barefoot. The tradition of performing aarti besides ardas on the riverbanks after the first pitcher is drawn is a mesmerising experience. Being a separate committee, the maryada of Takht Hazur Sahib is quite different from that of Akal Takht and the SGPC.

Milk and water of the Godavari is sprayed on the gurdwara building from a fire tender on the eve of Diwali.

The naubat (a traditional musical instrument) is played by non-Sikhs in front of Takht Hazur Sahib every day.

The most significant variation among maryada of Takht Hazur Sahib and other three Takhts of Punjab is that the recitation of Guru Granth Sahib and the Dasam Granth go on simultaneously. Unlike at the gurdwaras and Takhts under the control of the SGPC, devotees offer “panjeer parsad”, which can be collected from the counters put up by the Takht management.
With Divine Love & Blessings of Waheguru Ji, may you all enjoy: peace, unconditional love, light (enlightenment), health, happiness & prosperity in life !
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Re: Hazur Sahib has unique maryada

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Fateh Ji,

The headline describes the Maryada.... it is unique to Sikhi.

Our Gurus were not bachelors and neither is there any record that they mandated that Guru Ghars Sewadars should be bachelors or for that matter to be spiritual one needs to be a bachelor or spinster. The Sikh philosophy is the seek oneness with Waheguru as a householder or you can say living a normal life.

I think before we delve into this we should try to find out whether this is correct and if so what are the reasons behind this Maryada.

I am contacting learned Sikhs and will post my findings.

Guru Rakha
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Re: Hazur Sahib has unique maryada

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Vikramjit Ji, Sat Sri Akal!

Please do try to find out how right it is to do what Sikhs at Hazur Sahib are allegedly doing under a different "Maryada".It is a very important matter.As far as bachelorhood is concerned,I know there is no compulsion in Sikhism either way.You can be a householder,which is the recommended thing,or you can stay a bachelor.It is upto the individual or rather it is Waheguru's Bhaana.Look at me,I tried to get married but could not find the right woman.I used to have a girlfriend in India,but she was Christian Naga,and parents did not allow.So I remained a bachelor.And I don't mind because I accept His Bhaana.So that doesn't make me a lesser Sikh,does it?

However I do object to the rituals of cleansing floors with milk,etc,esp when millions go without food,let alone milk!
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Re: Hazur Sahib has unique maryada

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The Rehat Maryada at Takh Hazur Sahib at Nanded is not in line with the Sikh Code of conduct. The Ardas they do is different (Ardas is done several times in the morning, which is not needed); the Rayaras Path resided in the evening is also different. The Arti is resided along with divas and flames which is totally contridictory to wording of the Aarti.

Possibly the central room constructed where the Guru's shastras are kept doesn't seem to be part of the original architecture. Possibly this could have been built later when the Gurudwaras were under the control of Mahants during the British rule. There is no such proof. It is during this time all the damage to the Sikh Panth was done. After 1925 such practices where stopped in most of the Gurudwaras, but exceptions like Nanded continued.
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Re: Hazur Sahib has unique maryada

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sat shri akaal ,

i visited shri hazoor sahib last year , i was shocked on seeing maryada there , brahman vaad at its peak .
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Re: Hazur Sahib has unique maryada

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Sat Sri Akal

At Takhat Sri Hazoor Sahib another important departure from SGPC Sikh Rehat Maryada is that women are not administered 'Khande di Pahul'. Women are administered only 'Kirpan da Amrit'.

http://www.amritworld.com/pbi/commentar ... _amrit.pdf

'Kirpan da Amrit' is prepared by stirring the water by a lone singh (not panj piarey) with a small kirpan, the kind of small kirpan now we put on as one of the 5K's.

At Takhat sri Hazoor Sahib there are many other departures from the SGPC Rehat Maryada.

Apparently, these practices are a continuation of what existed every where before the Singh Sabha changed these at least in Punjab.

In fact, there are several sects of Sikhs even in Punjab that have certain distinctly different practices despite the SGPC Rehat Maryada. For instance, the Nanaksar Gurdwaras I understand do not have a Nishan Sahib and also food is not cooked in Nanaksar Gurdwaras but they rely on the food cooked at home and delivered by individual sangats to be served as Langar at the Gurdwara. Some other sects install Dasam Granth alongside SGGS. The Mastuana Sikh Jathas ritually carry out Aarti, albeit from Keertan Sohila at the end of an Akhand Paath.

The way Amrit Sanchar ceremony is carried out is also different with different sects. For instance, the AKJ Panj Piarey singhs add a 'Naam Drihrdauna' activity to the ceremony by each placing a hand on the candidate's head and vigourously chanting Waheguru.

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Re: Hazur Sahib has unique maryada

Post by sabretooth »


Like it or not, under the victorian british rule in India Sikhi was twisted and torsioned into an Anglicised religion by the british. They drove deep divisions into the hearts of Sikhs and their fellow Hindu and Muslim brothers in the Punjab. The classic tactic of divide and rule and also leave as much devastation behind once they left.

The Sikhi of today bears not much of a resemblance to what Sikhi was during the lives and times of the Guru's and shortly thereafter. The Singh Sabha version of Sikhi is the Anglicised version that is practised the world over.
During the turbulent times of the last days of the mughals, and the british invasion of india, so much was lost, so much was manipulated and changed by the british.

As to the maryada at Takhat Hazur Sahib, there might be some unfamiliar practices. Also, I have seen images of Chatka being carried out on the Takhat Hazur Sahib grounds infront of the Nishaan Sahib. Is this still carried out to this present day?

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Re: Hazur Sahib has unique maryada

Post by kuthaman »

OK Singh Sahba didnt do anything more than standardize Maryada, They went through and removed Brahmanism from Sikhi. Sikhs and Hindus have only one thing in common they share the land of Punjab and thats about it. The Sikhi of today is pure because it is a purified and free from the clutches of Idol Worship and so many other abominations that HIndus claim as religious practice.
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Re: Hazur Sahib has unique maryada

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Every so often, I hear comments such as the current Rehat Maryada is Angelicised version of original Sikh maryada or some scholars and Singh Sabha members are accused of coining a new term or changing a definition to appease the British. What I have never seen so far is any evidence or even a particular instance which proves such accusations! What is considered original Sikh maryada? Are all "Puratan marayadas" being carried out from the times of Guru Sahib or were they started afterwards when Sikhs were living in Jugles to survive and Gurudwaras were under the control of Mahants/ Pujaris etc?

I think when ever there is a question on whether a maryada is appropriate or not, Gurbani should be the litmus test for it. I remeber going to Hazoor Sahib when I was little and even back then I thought it was really odd when they did Aarti with lights and candles etc. while singing Aarti from Guru Nanak Sahib. What a contradiction! If only they will pause for a second and think what they are doing while singing Aarti shabad.

Now, what Singh Sabha did was (in my opinion) not to appease British but to get rid of such Brahmin rituals which had crept into Sikhism and even Gurudwaras. At one time, even Harimandir Sahib had idols of Hindu deities when it was under the control of Mahants and British backed and appointed those Mahants not Sikhs! Matter of fact, the first fight against British was started and won by Sikhs with Jaito Da Morcha, which finally allowed Sikhs to take control of Gurudwars back from Mahants. If it wasn't for the current Sikh Maryada, Sikhism today in India will be what Buddhism looks like!

So the real question is, how and when did these rituals crept into Takht Hazoor Sahib and should Sikhs accept them as "Puratan maryada" or change it according to Sikh tenets!
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Re: Hazur Sahib has unique maryada

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Waheguru Ji ka Khalsa, Waheguru ji ki Fateh.

Well said Kuthaman.

We should not blame the British or any other nation, faith, culture or caste.

Anybody who wants to learn to practice Sikhism still can. Nothing is lost. The Sri Guru Granth Sahib ji's teachings are valid and available today as in the past.

Look within at your mind, control it, and master it with the aid of SGGS ji. The Gurudwaras do hold an important role but if you feel there is mispractice you can turn to the SGGS for full enlightenment.

Sat Sri Akal

Himmat Singh
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