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Postby jsydney » Sun Nov 24, 2019 6:56 pm

I wanted to ask a question regarding the concept of reincarnation in Sikhi. I have watched a few videos online where reincarnation is explained mainly in the “Basics of Sikhi” youtube videos.

To be reincarnated as a human means we have the opportunity to be liberated (mukhti) by saying and remembering god’s name so we can then become one with god again in death – the metaphor commonly used is a drop of water joining the ocean. This is seen as bliss and what our soul has been yearning for. Also from what I have read you are able to get a preview of this “bliss” if you do you path/simran which then allows you to continue your journey and not get distracted from the sins of Sikhi like ego.

My questions is around remembering all of this after death and in reincarnation;

• If we lose our body and identity when we die do we have an opportunity to know what happens in the afterlife or do we just accept we probably should not be asking this question because you are thinking about “me” and that is not what Sikhi is about?
• If we do not achieve our unity with God in the afterlife and are reincarnated it looks as if we will not remember anyway and we will eventually someday have another opportunity to achieve mukhti – even if we need to go through all the rebirths. How does this stop someone from living in free will? You can say we will get there one day anyway and we don’t even remember our past lives.

Does Gurbani address any of these questions?

Apologies in advance I do not mean to offend anyone with these questions. I have been reading a lot lately to understand this path better.

Thank you.
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