cleaning up the kitchen

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getting clay

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to get the rare clay you need to play the play the meditation game at the peaceful spot. it also helps with the cow and snakes and bird.
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Re: cleaning up the kitchen

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you can see the rare clay near snake ..... first you have to go to the peaceful spot select ek ongkar and click on the flowers then a mini game will appear you have to put the dot in the flower .. then you win the trust of snake and get the rare clay for rumta and he will make a beautiful pot which would be accepted by aunty charanjeet
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Re: cleaning up the kitchen

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i need help getting the bird back and all the animals and i don't know how to use the mantras, please help
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Re: cleaning up the kitchen

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rinku wont let me touch the smartphone so how do I get it from him? Also how do I do the laundry?
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