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Trying to find a movie

Posted: Sat Jul 16, 2011 11:39 am
by lbuddha
A few years ago I was watched a Punjabi movie on Doordarshan, but could not catch the title. It was an excellent story with a family mostly of women with a mother and three daughters, and one son-in-law. Every man that comes into this family wants to get hold of the land that the old lady wants to donate to the Gurudwara. I think the son-in-law tries to kill his wife, because he fell for the other girl.

The younger daughter is in love with a man, I think called Sukha, and after a tragedy with a foreign match making, decides to go with, only to find out that man destroyed and turned into a drunkard and also after the same land.

Would somebody please suggest me the title of the movie? I really want to watch it again.