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Waheguru Ji Ka Khalsa, Waheguru Ji ki fateh ji .
I need help reg. Akhandpath Sahib available on sikh net . I was able to listen regularly on internet but since changes has been made in sikhnet media center , every time I click to listen akhandpath sahib ( akhandpath.ca ) I can only listen to shabad by Bhai Harjinder singh ji, After it stops and akhandpath sahib does not start. If some one can help me how I can listen it again please .
Second help me If i can download or buy a copy of Akhand Path Sahib (akhandpath.ca ) from sikhnet so I can listen while at work, because i don't have internet at my work .
It will be a great help for me . Thanking you . Waheguru ji Ka khalsa , Waheguru ji Ki Fateh ji .

Sukhwinderjit singh
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Re: Akhanndpath

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u can download the whole akhand path ji
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