Last of the Rababis

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Last of the Rababis

Postby mands26 » Tue Aug 16, 2011 4:22 pm

The rababi tradition within Sikhism is associated with the first rababi, Bhai Mardana, a Muslim musician who had been a virtual lifelong companion of Guru Nanak throughout his epic travels. Remarkably, the tradition actually survived within the Golden Temple until relatively recently, and now visitors to the amazing Golden Temple exhibition in London will get the chance to hear one of the last rababis, who is flying in especially from Lahore for the occasion, to perform live.... Full Story:
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Re: Last of the Rababis

Postby khak dware di » Wed Aug 31, 2011 1:38 pm

Does anyone have any information as to why Muslim Rababis are no longer allowed to perform in Darbar Sahib Amritsar?
khak dware di
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Re: Last of the Rababis

Postby Guest » Thu Oct 27, 2011 8:04 am

Is this can be listen anywhere
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Re: Last of the Rababis

Postby sikhknight11 » Thu Jan 24, 2013 7:54 pm

khak dware di wrote:Does anyone have any information as to why Muslim Rababis are no longer allowed to perform in Darbar Sahib Amritsar?

"The tradition survived until the political events of Partition in 1947 that sadly compelled the last of the rababis to migrate to Pakistan. The tradition has lived on there in limited form, although without the patronage of the Sikhs it has inevitably declined and is now almost lost to us."

an excerpt from the article
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Re: Last of the Rababis

Postby lisaa » Sat Dec 13, 2014 2:26 am

Thanks sikhknight11. I like your post
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Re: Last of the Rababis

Postby jatinder pal singh » Mon Dec 29, 2014 2:11 am

Rababi singers from Pakistan keep have paid many visits to India in last 10 years
and performed in Gurudwaras, and Keertan Darbars in India.

Bhai Chand is best. His sons accompany him and are learning the compositions.
jatinder pal singh
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Re: Last of the Rababis

Postby swarn bains » Fri Jan 30, 2015 4:47 pm

Rababis were not pushed put of Har mandir sahib. At partition time the sgpc made a rule that anyone who sings at Har mandir sahib has to be a amrit dhari. At that time bhai chand used to be a singer at Harmandir sahib. he did not want to convert to sikh ism and moved to lahore and died a bad death there. On the other hand Dharam singh converted to sikhism and stayed in India. now his fourth generation is doing keertan in india and abroad. i heard that Dharam singh is the mama of Nusrat fateh ali khan. can anyone authenticate it or otherwise.
swarn bains
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