Is Kundalini mandatory for a Sikh?

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Re: Is Kundalini mandatory for a Sikh?

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jasbirs wrote:Pwetty Sweet ji,

Moderator Note: This question is same as asking, ‘Is broccoli mandatory for a Sikh?’ ‘Are white clothes mandatory?’ or ‘Is aspirin mandatory for a Sikh?’ The answer is no. Such practices do not represent the Sikh path. Avoid making statements like “stay away” from practices that could be good for someone’s mental physical (and thus, spiritual) health. Please avoid putting others down, or we will have to close this topic.

I was shocked to read this interpretation of my post , to say the least !
I read it again and still failed to understand where did i scorn any other religion. Please avoid making such arbitrary interpretations. It is not only unjust but also misleads people reading the post.
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Re: Is Kundalini mandatory for a Sikh?

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Kundalini yoga is not mandatory for being a sikh.. Moreover, it has never been a part of sikh tradition ever since the time of the Gurus. It was the followers of Sri Chand (Son of Guru Nanak, but not a Guru), who practiced yoga, although not sure if it was kundalini or something else.

Assuming that you are non-Indian,I know where you are coming from.. Since most (not all) of the white (non-Indian) sikhs have been introduced to sikhism through yogi bhajan, so it is usually assumed by them that if somebody is a white sikh, they have to know Kundalini yoga and yogi bhajan..
I have seen this thing happening myself.. You probably will get a but of pressure to do Kundalini, wear white, wear particular type of turban because it presses some pressure points, etc etc.. But you don't have to follow it..

If you want to try it, go ahead.. But I have seen myself that people have a very different perspective on sikhism when they come into it through research compared to kundalini yoga..

My advice is to just keep researching more, reading and understanding more Gurbani regularly, instead of diverting your attention with Kundalini yoga.

Take care
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Re: Is Kundalini mandatory for a Sikh?

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Like everyone has correctly stated, it is NOT a requirement. However, after one does their research and wishes to meditate onthe word and the naam then they are free to give it a go.
It is a physical relaxation with stimulation that does help one's spirituality from my experience. This doesn't mean it is a must, many people can gain spirituality through contemplating bani alone, some need a little physical approach that helps them to firstly detach a little and then feel.
I personally found it useful considering my fast paced lifestyle.

Try it if you are real curious, there is no harm. It can either help you on the path or it won't.-simple !!!!
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