Pets and Animals

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Pets and Animals

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I have a dilemna. I'm a pet owner; just before my mum passed away (she was a baptised Sikh), we were discussing God's creatures and she said that it was a sin to put a pet down. One of our pets is a 17 year old cat with arthritis, memory and bladder problems. She's been part of the family for 14 years. She can hardly walk now and my kids are saying it may be time to put her down but I keep thinking back to what my mum said. The cat has been like this for over a year but I do not mind paying the vet bills and cleaning her when she's dirtied herself.
But my kids keep saying she's in pain.
Is it a sin to put an animal down?
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Re: Pets and Animals

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We had a dog that had cancer. We put it down. No harm in ending someone's suffering.
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