Kalgi/Sehra and Burkas

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Kalgi/Sehra and Burkas

Postby RHKAUR » Wed Nov 20, 2019 6:00 pm

So I read a post on here how a Groom should not enter the Darbar Hall wearing a Kalgi or Sehra as it is disrespectful. Let me know your thoughts on this as well.
Main Point: The person said a Sehra covers the grooms face to protect them from nazaar and in the end, it is covering the grooms face from Maharaj ji. I get this. So, for the Muslim ladies that wear a burka, whole outfit that covers fingers, face, feet, would they be able to enter a Darbar Hall wearing one?
I understand all are welcome, but in this case the woman wearing a Burka is covering her face from Maharaj-ji but wearing the Burka as part of her religion. I get we are not allowed to force religion on anyone and I dont know if a woman wearing a burka will ever enter a Darbar Hall but I just want to know your thoughts on this.
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