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Need help

Postby Kristeg » Sat Aug 31, 2019 11:45 am

I came with a group of friends to visit a city for a conference. It was the first time I travelled for so long in a train like an adult. I am very choosy in terms of food and eat only selected items. By the end of the first day my brain was literally going to explode and I was not well. I have anal fissure which was bleeding. My head was all shaking. It was 8 pm and we had time to go to visit places, but my friends wasted time on useless things and made late. In the conference I was so much distressed but they didn’t seem to care and made fun of me. Next day I had an early morning presentation. None of them even cared to come and see it. Instead they went to visit places and said I did the same. After that we met for lunch and I still was sick. I went to visit places without them and missed their event. Now they are three and I am one. And I have a reputation that I don’t get along with people. But I don’t understand is it my fault? Now they are not picking up my phone. They even didn’t take my certificates which caused a huge loss to me. I am feeling stressed. Please help..
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