Funeral/Ashes questions

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Funeral/Ashes questions

Postby pgill89 » Wed Aug 14, 2019 8:09 pm

Sat Sri Akal to everyone.
I have a couple of questions about Sikh funerals. A friend of mine has a pet that isn't doing well. The pets time has come. He wants to cremate the pet and take his ashes to Kiratpur Sahib. Is that an okay thing to do? Why or why not?
Secondly, he was telling me about a couple of things that have to do with funerals. He was saying that we can not keep ashes in our home even if we are taking them to India in couple of months. Is that true?
Also, is there a religious thing that you have to shower or throw water on yourself after funerals? I've asked my parents and they said it was more traditional rather than religious.
Please let me know, thanks!
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