Amrit Sanchar

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Amrit Sanchar

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Waheguru ji ki khalsa waheguru ji ki Fateh
I'm thinking of taking amrit and I have a couple of questions that I'm really not sure about. I have heard that if you havnt got a sikh first name that they will make you change it during the ceremony is this true? Also when is amrit sanchar is it every month and do every gurdwara do it? Does it matter that I can't speak Punjabi, however I can read gurmukhi a little but I'm working on it so is this okay? And should I wear my panj kakkar for a month or so before taking so that I get used to it? I already do paat everyday and have done for ages now so it isn't really a problem for me
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Re: Amrit Sanchar

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Sat Sri Akaal Emil

First of all it is Guru's Grace that you are walking this path. With taking Amrit I am unsure about what they do with the first name but one thing I can say is Khalsa is eternally pure being which is one with Akaal Purakh by Guru's Grace and Bana and 5 Kakkar is the Uniform which is given in the Amrit Sanchar. If you are thinking of taking Amrit it is great but before going ahead ask yourself these questions:

Are you ready for the level of commitment it asks for?
Is you inner being one with the Guru?
Would you be able to fulfill the duties of the Khalsa?
and Last but not the least do you really really want to do it 100%?

Amrit is a process which the 9 Gurus taught us how to be one with Akaal Purakh and what qualities one should have and 10th Guru gave us the uniform after making sure that the 5 Pyaras had those qualities.

Daya (Compassion)
Dharam (Righteousness)
Himmat (Courage)

Its like you have to be spiritually sound to be a Khalsa. So first work on the spiritual journey and recite Banis as much as you can so you cross through four khands and reach the fifth Khand (SachKhand, the realm of Truth) (Dharam, Gyan, Saram, Karam and SachKhand) and then think of becoming a Khalsa.

I hope I am not confusing you, I am not a Amrit Dhari myself I am also learning from the Guru. But I know by His Grace that there is a process for everything. You don't wear a uniform first and then learn to be a soldier, its the other way around you train and toil and earn that uniform. You don't wear an engineer's uniform and learn to be an engineer afterwards rather you study 5 years to achieve that. So, my suggestion is if you are learning Gurmukhi keep learning and listen to Sant Singh Maskeen ji's Kathas and also Bhai Sarabjeet singh Dhunda's Kathas. First develop a deeper understanding of Gurbani and then take the leap. Also Basics of Sikhi Website is very helpful, it has got English and Punjabi Katha.Bhai Sukha singh from UK does great Katha check them out on youtube.

I hope this helps.

Waheguru Ji ka Khalsa, Waheguru ji ki Fateh
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