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by sukhmani315
Mon Mar 30, 2020 8:04 am
Forum: Sikhi Discussion
Topic: New path to follow. please help
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Re: New path to follow. please help

Hi, I understand how you feel, I think that you should try and make yourself become somewhat fluent in the punjabi language to try and keep your mind on something rather having negative thoughts - It's a great way to keep yourself busy in a more positive and beneficial way. I understand that you are...
by sukhmani315
Mon Mar 30, 2020 7:46 am
Forum: Questions and Answers
Topic: Sikh Mate, at all?
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Re: Sikh Mate, at all?

Hi, I don't know if this is my place to say... but I was just scrolling through the website when I saw your question. I think maybe try not to look so hard for a woman, waheguru ji will definitely provide you with one keep your trust in them and i your heart is pure they would for sure match you wit...