Community Outreach

There is nothing more inspiring for our SikhNet team than to meet our SikhNet users and donors all over the world.

We love getting to know you! We love hearing about how you use SikhNet, how Sikhnet has helped you. We love hearing about what you enjoy and where you think improvments can be made, and we especially love hearing creative ideas for expanding our services. 

This is why we travel. Our Community Outreach program allows us to meet sangats around the world. We get to learn about your communities and your gurdwaras, to share innovative was to broadcast your local gurdwaras into communities closeby or rural areas where people can't get to gurdwaras. We get to talk to you and share our passion for Sikhi and connecting Sikhs all over the world. We get to teach workshops. We get to eat with you and hear about what is going on in your community. We get to have tea and meet and greets. And sometimes we fundraise for projects needing support. We get to learn about how we can serve you better! 

We hope you will join us! 

Recent trips have taken us to:

  • New Jersey/New York, USA,
  • Sydney, Australia,
  • Melbourne Australia,
  • and on a tour of the United Kingdom. 

This fiscal year we plan to travel to:

  • California

If you can help organize, please contact Darshan Kaur.

If you would like to invite SikhNet to your community, click here and tell us about it.