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Kanwar Singh Dhillon

World-renowned Canadian artist Kanwar Singh Dhillon.

Born in Amritsar India, Canadian artist Kanwar Singh Dhillon has been channeling art for as long as he can remember. He is influenced by a host of past masters such as Sobha Singh, Amrit Sher-Gil, Caravaggio and J.W Waterhouse to name but a few.

Growing up in Toronto Canada, Kanwar explored several paths that would allow him to work as a professional artist including animation and book illustration. However, it wasn’t until he started to take an interest in Sikh history that his art took a definitive turn to magnificence.

Kanwar Singh says that in his work he seeks to combines the grace and beauty of Sobha Singh’s portraits with the documentary style of past Sikh history painters such as Devender Singh. But it actually goes beyond those works and is quite unique in the power, depth, inspiration and beauty of his portrayals of consummate moments in the Sikh legacy. The artist states that “Painting is a way to stop a moment in time and share it with generations to come. You look at a painting today as Sikhs years from now will but due to our shared heritage you feel the same thing and in that way you achieve a connection beyond time. That connection is the joy which moves me to create.”