Bhai Sukha Singh (UK)

Bhai Sukha Singh does the seva of providing English katha on the Daily Hukamnama from Sri Harimandar Sahib

Bhai Sukha Singh not only writes articles for SikhNet, but he does the seva of concisely translating the Daily Hukamnama from Sri Harimandar Sahib into modern and easy to understand English for SikhNet's Daily Hukamnama page as well as our Gurbani Media Center and Hukamnama Mobile App.  He has a deep love and understanding of Gurbani, and has travelled the world teaching about the Shabad Guru. Guru Surya Kaur describes Sukha Singh in her own words, "My impression of Sukha Singh is a dedicated, heart centered man with the Guru running through his veins. His work is full of light."

You can find all his Hukamnama Audio here in the Gurbani Media Center