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"Consumed by desires, the world is burning and dying; burning and burning, it cries out. " – November 27, 2021

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SikhNet's 25th Anniversary

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The 25th Anniversary Virtual Gala - Watch the Replay!

This year SikhNet is celebrating 25 years! Watch the replay of the Virtual Gala for inspiring stories and special guests including Vishavjit Singh (Sikh Captain America) and Dya Singh.

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How to Meditate

If you want to meditate, begin with your breath. Slow your breath down. Your eyes have to be closed, otherwise you will be distracted. Sit up tall, and relax your shoulders. Then become aware of your breath. 

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Kids Stories

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SikhNet Audio Stories Mobile App!

For years SikhNet has presented the popular Audio Stories for Kids at SikhNet.com. These wonderful tales of Sikh history have entertained and enchanted an entire generation of children. This app is packed with all the stories produced by SikhNet since 2008. Kids can easily browse and listen to stories on their own. You can listen to the stories instantly when connected to the Internet, or download stories to your mobile device for off-line listening in the car and airplane.