What is Simran? Deep Explanation (PART 2)

What is Simran? Deep Explanation (PART 2)

Duality is when your inner being and outer being are separate in an action....

"The science of simran has not been talked about on this earth. It was maintained as a mystery. Even today it has not been taught to humanity in public, it has always been person to person. We are talking about that secret science because we have to find the oneness of the bases"

When Siri Singh Sahib talked about simran, it was a really deep personal experience during meditation. Its a real process we go through when we meditate where we distinguish between the Naam and the ego.  

The shushara generates 1,000 thoughts per blink of the eye. Whatever thought your ego identifies with, it may become a feeling. From feeling to desire. From desire to action. Action to reaction. Sometimes our actions create reactions that harm us

We spend energy trying to fix the problems we create from the wrong action. The science of simran is using the power of the holy syllable (sacred sound) to get to the root of the thought and correct the thought so your actions are correct. This is a different approach. Most meditation practices teach you to get to thoughtlessness. That's very difficult. Doing simran is much less difficult. 


"After receiving 10 objects his confidence gets destroyed because of 1 object he did not receive. If the one was not given and the other 10 were taken away as well then what would this idiot have to say?"

This is what we do. Now to correct this thought at the root of it we say:

"No remedy exists outside The master. Always adore and honor him. For the one who attaches her mind to the creators sweetness, absolute peace rains down on her thoughts. the person who within himself, trusts and accepts the Divine plan, all things come to him, O Nanak"

There is a lot of correcting the thoughts here. 

"Oh foolish mind, why do you weep? You receive what has been written in your destiny according to your past actions. The creator is the giver of difficulties and of peace. Abandon everything else. Think and care about the one. Whatever the creator does, trust it and be at peace. Why become diluted and wonder in ignorance? What came with you into this life. You are a greedy worm who has become coiled around the taste of your own desires. within your heart call upon the identity of the One who made the sun and the moon.  O Nanak then you shall return home with honor."

You can chant these hymns and they have an effect because of the Naad. But when you can understand what they mean, they get into the root of your intellect, of your psyche, and they can start to correct the thought wave. Your thoughts change, and your actions change as well. 

Simran means to shift the thought wave so that every action comes from the Naam. 

Siri Singh Sahib explains that your you is not simple. There is an outer and inner identity, and you are always negotiating these two. 

"The first action of simran is you have to recognize that you have a complex you. That is the first expansion. The second is without your knowledge your inner you has a constant thought wave and with you, your inner self has the right to exchange the thought wave."

"It is fascinating that we don't have the wisdom to see how we function. This is maya. Nobody knows that each one talks to his very self. Each one directs himself. Each one receives direction for himself. I am worried. what is the worry? worry is nothing but a conflict of you and you. I doubt very much. you doubt very much because there is a tremendous split between you and your you. when you deny that you have a you within you, you deny a lot of things to yourself. thats why your scene is never together because you are never together with your own you." 

The true name is the inner you, and its in conflict with the outer you who has to deal with all of your responsibilities and stresses. 

"Therefore you must administer your outer you, to challenge that authority of complete soverenty of the inner you. and you must make the inner you, look to and compromise with the outer you." 

Either we shut down the inner self like a tyrant, or we get "spaced out" and can't be responsible. There is error either way. Its not enough to just chant, you have to open the space where this inner dialogue begins. The inner and outer self should wrestle and compromise until they can live in a harmonious manner. 

"The outer you must compromise with the inner you so that you can carry on. do you understand how you distinguish your expression of self in 2 times."

You exist in two times. There is the infinite self (light) that exists beyind time. Then there is the self that is navigating time and space, and you are always existing in both dimensions. You meditate to become aware of those dimensions. 

Siri Singh Sahib: "There is tremendous evidence available that each person has a set personality. We call it personality in destiny. And the outer shell of that personality, is known as the personality in time.  So we have to deal with 2 personalities. This personality in destiny, and personality in time. if the personality in destiny within the personality in time is delivered to the destiny, one has achieved liberation. If that is not done then it is a continous cycle of time, of come and go, we call it avangavan. the theory of avangavan is that the soul has to reach the destination, because it has already started, it must end. it started in infinity, it must end in infinity. One must have an experience to get into infinity, into the oneness of God"

"One is only that one to get into the oneness with God a person has to learn to be one. One is only that one whose inner self and outer self experience the same thing at the same moment for the same oneness". 

Duality is when your inner being and outer being are separate in an action. Oneness is when they are joined in an action. This is what simran is about. 

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