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Don't Worry About A New Sikh School
Faith schools mean more religious tolerance not less, according to a professor from Warwick University. Professor Leslie Francis has led research on tolerance and faith schools.
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Sikhism Lives on Through Me
The fundamental issue is that ignorance and misunderstanding lead to bigotry and hate when left unattended. To eliminate ignorance is a hefty task that is thought of as time consuming and difficult, if not impossible. Yet, we must try.
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Message to the Good People of ALL Faiths
I wish to share this message with the world. This is my way of fighting. It is my hope that this poem will help us open our hearts and, as mentioned in the poem, turn this whole world into God's holy Promised Land. ~Teji Kaur
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What I learned as Captain America in a turban
When I walked around NYC in a superhero costume, I had no idea the effect it would have on strangers -- or on me
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When the turban turns messenger:
People of different nationalities celebrate the Turban Day at Union Square in New York.
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Why Tolerate Religion?
He looks at a number of philosophical attempts to justify the idea that the state should tolerate acts of conscience before proceeding to identify the central features of religious practice and belief.
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Commentary from local Sikh leader: All have a right to live in peace
Monday, my 6-year old granddaughter asked me why I was so sad. “Because a man took guns into a gurdwara and killed six people,” I answered. Her response was simple: “Doesn’t he know it’s not good to kill people?”
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Multicultural Community Council holds Muslim, Sikh forum
Yolo County’s Multicultural Community Council (MCC) held a forum on Muslims and Sikhs on Thursday — the first in a series of public forums aimed to foster understanding and appreciation of local cultures.
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Portland-area Sikhs step out to explain their faith to others
“Sikhs have a responsibility to talk about their faith practice with outsiders, he says, “but it’s freaking me out.” The audience of 25 chuckled at his confession and then listened intently as he walked them through the historical roots of Sikhism...
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Is the US becoming more hostile with respect to religion?
While United States ranks relatively low on government restrictions and social hostility, for the first time it has seen a significant increase on both indices, and the issues behind this relate directly to the Sikh American experience.
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