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Guru Nanak

Dancing Girls of Ceylon
Once a raja in India wanted to meet Guru Nanak, amazed at hearing of the Guru, the raja built majestic gardens for Guru Nanak. While Guru Nanak was still far away from he area of the raja, during that time many spiritual people thought to see the raja also. The raja only sought to meet the true Guru, so the raja created a test to determine the visitors integrity. The tests eventually go old for the raja & he gave up on ever really being able to see the Guru Nanak. As time continued, soon Guru Nanak did go to see the raja of Ceylon. Listen to the story hear what happened next.
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Gold and The Injured Foot
There were two friends who lived two very different lives. One spent his time well in the company of the holy, with the Guru. The other spent his time poorly with low people doing bad things. The one who did bad was rewarded with a gold piece. The one who did good was rewarded with a painful injury. What could it mean? Should they ask the Guru?
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Guru Nanak and the Flying Carpet
Guru Nanak, together with Mardana and Bala, his two friends who always served him, traveled together to the country of Kashmir. They came to the city of Sri Nagar. There the people knew who he was because of his grace and his light. The people were very happy and blessed to sit with him and learn from him. In that city there was also a Pundit named Brahm Das. He was very learned and through his devotion to the goddess he had gained yogic powers. When he heard that a great Guru had come to town he thought, "I don't think I will be that impressed with this new-comer. It is I who has great knowledge and supernatural powers. I will show him my skill. Sitting on this carpet I will fly over to where he is and there is no doubt that he will be totally impressed when I arrive."
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Guru Nanak and the Cannibal
Guru Nanak Dev Ji traveled and taught in many places all over India. Bala and Mardana accompanied him everywhere and together they encountered lots of different people and situations. Always Guru Ji chanted and blessed every spot where he touched his feet. He healed all those he saw. He gave the medicine of Truth to everyone he spoke to.
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Guru Nanak and the Queen of Black Magic
Guru Nanak traveled all over India to spread the word of God, and he walked everywhere on foot. His companions Bala and Mardana always traveled with him. Once they were in a remote part of India called Kamrup where the people were famous for their devotion to black magic. When Guru Nanak reached the outskirts of the city he sat down under a tree and began meditating. While Bala stayed with him Mardana went ahead into the city to find food and drink.
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Guru Nanak and the Boulder
Guru Nanak Dev Ji used to travel on foot everywhere with his companions and musicians, Bala and Mardana. One day they were walking and Mardana felt very thirsty. It was very hot outside and they had been walking for a long time. Finally they reached a hill with a dwelling at the top. They were sure they would be able to get water there. A man lived there and had a well that everyone in the nearby village used to get water for washing themselves, growing food, and drinking. But he was very greedy and charged money before anyone could use the well.
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The Honest Work of Lalo
Guru Nanak used to travel all over India with his companions Bala and Mardana. Wherever they went, they made beautiful music to help people understand God and spread truth. This story takes place when they visited a remote village in Northern India.
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Offer What is Yours
A noble King had all his subject do a fast in honor of Vishnu on the day of Ekadasi. There was one man who didn't do the fast though, he was a Sikh of Guru Nanak. "I am constantly fasting. I eat little food and sleep little. I fast from any and all temptation that distract my devotion to God," explained the man. The King was very impressed and wanted very much to meet this Guru. But how would he ever meet this famous saint known as 'Baba Nanak'?
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Nanak's talk with the Yogis
Guru Nanak began his mission of spreading light to the world. He went to the Himalaya mountains where many Sadhus were practicing many spiritual disciplines. The Sadhu's were impressed with his wisdom and purity. He told them that they shouldn't run away to the mountains and be by themselves but the true way is to keep a spiritual discipline while living in the world. Many of them did not like what this young man had said.....
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Guru Nanak and Brahmans
After talking with the Yogis Guru Nanak made his way to a huge pilgrimage site: Hariduar. Huge throngs of people were throwing water to the rising sun to honor their ancestors. Guru Nanak started throwing water in the opposite direction. A Brahman asked him what he was doing. He said, "I'm watering my fields in the Punjab, surely it will reach the Punjab before it reaches your ancestors.".....
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