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Interfaith Voices: A tale of the turban and its power

At first, it felt odd since so few in our culture cover our hair. However, soon I experienced the spiritual and physical benefits described above, experiencing a strong sense of well-being, centeredness, and balanced. I often wonder if others knew the physical/spiritual benefits of wrapping their heads, if they would do it too.

Fishers Community Leader Announces Run for City Council

Singh desires to invest in the very community that provided him with the same opportunities which have contributed to his success as a community leader.  “I desire to invest my time in Fishers – working towards collaborating with others as we address the fast-paced growth of our community and inspiring others to get involved with the community, as well,” Singh continued.

2019 Rosa Park Trailblazer Awarded to Gurinder Singh Khalsa

“I took this stand for all those who believe in religious liberty and freedom of faith. Tonight, this award is not about me. Change does not exist without the support of a community,” spoke Khalsa during his acceptance speech. Gurinder was introduced by the honorable Robin Shackleford, State Representative of Indiana House District 98. 


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