A Poem for Ishmeet by Anmol Kaur, Canada

Anmol Kaur from Canada has penned down her thoughts and wishes about Ishmeet in a beautiful poem.

As a manifestation of their love for Ishmeet, a family from Vancouver, Canada has come up with a distinguished way of remembering Ishmeet. Anmol Kaur from Canada has penned down her thoughts and wishes about Ishmeet in a beautiful poem. Anmol Kaur Ji is a Punjabi writer of short stories and script writing. Anmol Ji wrote her first poem for Ishmeet when she was feeling pain in her heart for Ishmeet.

ieSmIq dy nwm


ijs idn sI, qUM lokW dw mihbUb bixAw,

pMjwbIAW dw sInw sI, mwx nwl qixAw[


qyrIy ij`q dI KuSI sI, kony kony ivc mnweI,

qyrI AxBol qsvIr sI, idlW ivc vsweI [


qyrI  gweIkI ny hr iek nMU kIqw sI bwgo bwg,

ikQoN l`BIey jo gw sky qyry vWg im`Tw ijhw rwg[


qyry jobn ru`qy qur jwx dw sI kI pqw,

kI ipCly jnm AsI koeI kIqI sI Kqw?


jW qyrI sPlqw hI iksy qoN shwr nw hoeI,

qVPngy sdIAW qk ijhnW vI qyrI rUh KoeI[


du`KW dI qW h`d tu`t geI, ijhnW dw qUM sI jwieAw,

pMjwb igAW luitAW ijhny hIry vrgw pu`q gvwieAw[


AY Kudw qUM hI swfy roNdy idlW nMU koeI dy Drvws,

bMnW hMJUAW nMU jy hovy ieSmIq dy muV Awaux dI Aws[


pr qUM qW swbq sUrq pMjwbI Amr hIro hY ieSmIq

rihMdI dunIAW qk qyrw nwm rhU, nw BulWgy qyry gIq[


Anmol kOr (kynYfw)



In the name of Ishmeet


The day you etched yourself in everyone's heart

You swelled every Punjabi's heart with pride

You victory was celebrated everywhere

Your precious image was engraved on our hearts

Everyone was mesmerized by your enchanted voice

Where could we find anyone with a voice as melodious as yours?


We did not know that you would leave us so young

Did we make some grave mistake in our previous lives?

Or maybe someone was not able to see your success

Whoever has taken you away from us will suffer through eternity


The ones who knew you suffer an irreplaceable loss

A precious son of the Punjab has been stolen

Oh God, now only You can give some relief from this pain


To all those who wish that Ishmeet will return one day

Oh Ishmeet, you are the most precious jewel of the Punjabis

Your name will always be remembered and your songs will never be forgotten.


-By Anmol Kaur - Vancouver, Canada

Translation by Loveleen Kaur - Chandigarh, India

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