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Women's March 2018 | In New York, these Sikh volunteers win hearts with their ‘langar’

The coordinated rallies in Washington, New York, Los Angeles, Chicago and about 250 other cities are a reprise of the ma...

In New York, on a chilly January morning, thousands of women took to streets to participate in marches and rallies aimed at greater female activism in politics. The Women’s March as the movement is also known as marks the second anniversary of the protest rallies that erupted last year across the US as Donald Trump took the Oval Office. (SEE PICS)

However, amid Trump effigies and placards in colourful language, what stood out was bunch of Sikh volunteers calling people for ‘free food’ In a small clip tweeted by author Simran Jeet Singh, the volunteers were seen handing out rice and vegetable curry to women participating in a protest march in New York. The video has been viewed more than 15,000 times so far. 

Many women are heard saying ‘thank you, guys’, ‘love you, great job’ to the volunteers. 


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