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Overflow crowd at UW-Milwaukee observance for shooting victims


Updated 8/10/2012

Oak Creek man’s quick action keeps temple shooting victim alive


Updated 8/10/2012 
Source: Fox 6 Now

Sikh temple shooting victim upgraded from serious to satisfactory

MILWAUKEE — Froedtert Hospital upgraded the condition of the Santokh Singh to satisfactory, while Punjab Singh remains in critical condition. Both men were injured in the August 5th shooting at the Sikh temple in Oak Creek. Oak Creek Police Department Lt. Brian Murphy is also recuperating from gunshot wounds he got after being the first responder to the scene...

Updated 8/10/2012
Source: Fox 6 Now

Family members speak about six killed in Sikh temple shooting

Watch videos of family members talking to newscasters after the memorial service

Six Sikhs shot and left their bodies in Gurdwara shooting

As Sikh we don't believe that anything dies, it changes form. As these souls transcend to the Infinite we send out highest intentions and Cherdi Kala for them. We are in prayer for the 17 days while these souls are in transition. May the Sikh community come together to honor these souls who chose to leave at this time and in this way to serve as selfless martyrs who were gathering at a Gurdwara peacefully. May this incident remind the Sikh community world-wide that there is lots of misguided hate towards us, and use that as an opportunity to serve and educate people to lift them out of ignorance. 


The Departed Souls

Paramjit Kaur, 41
"My aunt told her that there was a shooting going on outside, we need to get up and leave," said son Kamal Saini. "Rather than just getting up and leaving, she wanted to just bow down and pray for the last time and then get up and leave. She was just getting up. She was shot in the back." Kaur and her family immigrated to the United States eight years ago. "She was a good woman. She was a great mom," said a younger son, Harpreet Saini, 18. Both of her sons plan to pursue careers in law enforcement. 

Satwant Singh Kaleka, 65
Served as president of the Sikh temple in Oak Creek. He attacked the shooter with a butter knife resulting in a "blood struggle" probably saving many lives. His son, Amardeep Kaleka, said "It's an amazing act of heroism, but it's also exactly who he was,". Amardeep also says "I would love for (the public) to know that he lived his life with the principles that he knew and he was taught at a young age. It made him highly successful in America," Amardeep Kaleka said. "He lived the American dream."

Bhai Prakash Singh, 3
He was priest who recently immigrated to the United States with his wife and two young children, said Justice Singh Khalsa. Friends described him as "a noble soul." One temple member said that Prakash Singh had expressed concern about dying. His three brothers all died before turning 40.n

Bhai Ranjit Singh, 41
Ranjit Singh had been working at the temple for 16 years and sent money back to his wife and three children in India. His younger brother, Sita, who was also killed, had moved from New York City to Wisconsin six months ago, with hopes of finding a better life for his family.

Subeg Singh Khattra, 84
Suveg Singh, spent every day at the temple, said his granddaughter, Sandeep Kaur. His son, Baljander Singh Khattra, said he was friendly and a "very strong person." Suveg Singh used to tend a garden and cut the lawn until his health started to decline earlier this summer. His granddaughter said she had hoped her grandfather would be able to attend her wedding in fourth months. 

Bhai Sita Singh, 4
Sita Singh had moved from New York City to Wisconsin six months ago, with hopes of finding a better life for his family. His older brother, Ranjit, who had been working at the temple for 16 years, was also killed. 


There were also 3 Sikhs injured in the shooting along with Lieutenant Brian Murphy. A fundraiser was started in support of the families and to stand in solidarity with the Sikh community. Within a day exceeded the $25,000 goal, so the goal was changed to 75K which has also been exceeded.. Donate Now. May their hearts and minds be soothed in this time of pain. May they have the Guru's blessing.


Message from SALDEF

National Observances and Candlelight Vigil for Solidarity
Sikh Americans across the nations are urged to gather and hold to and reflect on this tragedy. Wednesday, August 8, is being observed as a 
National Day of Remembrance and Solidarity. We encourage communities to post their observances on this page.

As you begin to plan events locally, please reach out to SALDEF at [email protected] so that we can share it online and through social media.

To help you organize an event in your area, we have created an organizing toolkit available here. Additionally, we have worked with our partners at the Sikh Coalition, the Sikh Research Institute, and UNITED SIKHS, to develop a set of talking points about Sikhism, post 9/11 incidents, and what people can do to help the victims and their families.

Additionally, on Sunday, August 12, we request Sikhs and people of all faiths to observe a moment of silence, sing a poignant shabad  or in some way honor the victims of this tragedy at their gurdwaras and places of worship.

On August 6, President Obama 
issued a proclamation ordering that all flags should be flown at half-staff through Friday, August 10, to honor the victims of the shooting.


OAK CREEK - Vigil will be held to honor Sikh Temple shooting victims

A vigil will be held Tuesday night in support of victims and families of those impacted by the shooting at a Sikh temple Sunday. The vigil will follow the “National Night Out”event.

Oak Creek’s previously scheduled “National Night Out” will be held at the Oak Creek Community Center and will serve as a memorial honoring the victims. The event will occur from 6:00 p.m. to 8:30 p.m. — at 8:30 p.m. there will be a procession to Henry Miller Park.

Funeral services Friday for six who lost lives in Oak Creek shooting

OAK CREEK — Funeral services for all six of those who lost their lives in the Sikh Temple shooting Sunday in Oak Creek will be held Friday, August 10th from 9:00 a.m. until 11:00 a.m. at the Oak Creek High School gymnasium.


17 Days for 7 Souls

I've decided to do Japji Sahib every day for 17 days. I would like to invite all others to join in with me either doing an Ardas or Japji Sahib or both every day for 17 days. It will finish on August 22nd. If you want to do this as well, start a facebook event and get your friends to join in.

Read More - http://www.sikhnet.com/news/17-days-7-souls


Lt. Brian Murphy

Lt. Murphy was among the first to the scene... upon arriving at the scene, Lt. Murphy came upon an injured individual and began rendering aid, when he was “ambushed” by the shooter.

Lt. Murphy suffered eight to nine gunshot wounds. Lt. Murphy reportedly waved off other officers who came to his aid, urging them to enter the temple to attend to other potential victims.

Officers arriving on the scene carried Lt. Murphy to a vehicle that transported him to Froedtert Hospital. Lt. Murphy had surgery at Froedtert Sunday, and was reportedly resting with family in Froedtert’s ICU Monday.

Officials say Lt. Murphy is expected to be okay.

Sikhs for Justice (SFJ), is pledging a $10,000 award to Lt. Murphy for his “heroic actions” during Sunday’s shooting.


UPDATE:  Oak Creek Police Chief visits Lt. Brian Murphy at Hospital

All three of those injured in the shooting, including Lt. Murphy, remained in critical condition at Froedtert Hospital as of Tuesday, August 7th.
Chief Edwards says Murphy, the 20-year veteran officer is still heavily sedated, but was able to give a “thumbs up.” Edwards said he gave Murphy some words of encouragement.
“Because of him and the officers there, I believe they saved many lives. He’s not able to converse — more of a ‘doing okay, you did a great job, you’re a hero,’” Edwards said.
All afternoon Tuesday, flower shops dropped off bouquets to the Oak Creek police station — some specifically for Lt. Murphy and others for the department as a whole.

Read More - http://fox6now.com/2012/08/07/oak-creek-police-chief-visits-lt-brian-murphy-at-froedtert/



Holder calls Sikh temple shooting a hate crime

Paramjit Kaur insisted on finishing her Banis even though there was shooting


Stepmother says Wade Michael Page was 'gentle' child


Full report


Son of president, founder of temple killed says father was a hero

Wounded cop put other victims first

Sandeep Kaur remembers her grandfather  Subeg Singh Kattra

Vigils in Oak Creek, Brookfield honor Sikh Temple shooting victims

Man says he hid inside Sikh Temple during shooting


Community attempts to cope after Wisconsin shooting deaths

"Oak Creek, Wisconsin (CNN) -- Community members are coming together to seek emotional healing in the wake of Sunday's shooting spree that killed six people and wounded four at a religious service in a Milwaukee suburb.

For a third consecutive night, mourners and supporters will hold a vigil Tuesday, CNN affiliate WTMJ-TV reported, to remember the dead, pray for the wounded and grapple with grief and shock. "


Watch the slide show and read the full article - http://www.cnn.com/2012/08/07/us/wisconsin-temple-shooting/index.html?hpt=hp_t2


Hundreds gather in Support

Emily Eggleston
"Hundreds of people gathered at Cathedral Square downtown Sunday evening (Aug 5), holding a vigil of candles, prayers and tears for victims of the Sikh Temple shootings in Oak Creek.

Before the vigil began at 8 p.m., the three women who organized the event, primarily through social media, handed out candles. The vigil did not have an agenda and the crowd stood in a loose circle, waiting for someone to speak. The first man to step up led the crowd in "The Lord's Prayer."
One by one, other people spoke up with unscripted words. From around the circle came:

"This isn't about the city of Oak Creek, we are all responsible."

"I'm an atheist and I stand behind every peace loving religion."

"Thank you for showing your solidarity and support, it's about respecting life."

People place candles on the grass at a vigil at Cathedral Square [photo - Chris Wilson]

Navkiran Dhillon speaks at the Cathedral Square candlelight vigil. [photo - Rick Wood]

Members of the community meet for a vigil at Cathedral Square. [photo - Chris Wilson]

Read More about the vigil here -


Click here to send a message to the Sikh community in Wisconsin.



The Incident

Police responded to a call at 10:30AM Sunday (Aug. 5). Officer Murphy and another officer arrived at the Gurdwara where 6 Sikhs had already been been fatally shot, and 3 others wounded. They were tending to a wounded worshiper when they were ambushed by the gunman who shot Officer Murphy 8 times. The other officer returned fire and shot the gunman in the stomach. The gunman then took his own life with a self-inflicted gunshot wound to the head. Officer Murphy was wearing a protective vest and was shot mainly in the extremities, and is in stable condition. 

There is an ongoing investigation by the FBI. This case is being treated as a lone gunman in an act of domestic terrorism. He used a hand gun that he purchased legally. He had just moved into the Oak Creek area recently. The authorities said there were no warning signs of this attack or threats against the Gurdwara or Sikh community, and there is no reason to believe there will be any further attacks related to this incident. The Gurdwara is taped off for investigation, but the Sikhs plan on resuming normal Gurdwara activities as soon as they are allowed.
*updated 11am MST Aug. 6

Read more details of this massacre and accounts from eye-witnesses at the Gurdwara - http://www.jsonline.com/news/crime/reports-of-people-shot-at-sikh-temple-in-oak-creek-qc6cgc0-165059506.html


IN PHOTOSClick to enlarge photos

Sikh Temple Shooting Photo Credit: ReutersSikh Temple Shooting Photo Credit: ReutersSikh Temple Shooting Photo Credit: APSikh Temple Shooting Photo Credit: APSikh Temple Shooting Photo Credit: APSikh Temple Shooting Photo Credit: ReutersSikh Temple Shooting Photo Credit: ReutersSikh Temple Shooting Photo Credit: APSikh Temple Shooting Photo Credit: APSikh Temple Shooting Photo Credit: ReutersSikh Temple Shooting Photo Credit: ReutersSikh Temple Shooting Photo Credit: ReutersSikh Temple Shooting Photo Credit: ReutersSikh Temple Shooting Photo Credit: ReutersSikh Temple Shooting Photo Credit: APSikh Temple Shooting Photo Credit: APSikh Temple Shooting Photo Credit: APSikh Temple Shooting Photo Credit: APSikh Temple Shooting Photo Credit: APSikh Temple Shooting Photo Credit: APSikh Temple Shooting Photo Credit: APSikh Temple Shooting Photo Credit: APSikh temple shooting AP
Amardeep (162K)
Amardeep Kaleka, whose father is Satwant Kaleka, the president of the temple who was shot, praying for well-being of his father.Source: Reuters


About the Shooter

By Handout, Getty Images
"The man who fatally shot six people at the Sikh Temple of Wisconsin was identified today as Army veteran Wade Michael Page, 40, who washed out of the military in 1998 after a six-year hitch.

"The Southern Poverty Law Center, a group that has studied hate crimes for decades, says on its website that Page was a frustrated neo-Nazi who had been the leader of a racist white-power band known as End Apathy."
More here - 

"Wade Michael Page, who officials say shot and killed six people in a shooting at a Sikh temple Sunday in Wisconsin, was a decorated Army veteran psychological warfare specialist and white supremacist who has been watched with concern by anti-hate groups for more than 10 years.
A member of a racist skinhead punk band, Mr. Page, who was killed in a shootout with police, had also tried to make purchases from the National Alliance, a neo-Nazi organization, according to Heidi Beirich, director of the the Intelligence Program at the Southern Poverty Law Center (SPLC).

"We've been tracking him for more than a decade," says Ms. Beirich.
more here - http://www.csmonitor.com/USA/Military/2012/0806/Sikh-temple-shooter-decorated-Army-veteran-on-watchlist-for-10-years


UPDATE: Wade Michael Page moved into the area in July, 2012. Neighbors say it was a forced move, after his girlfriend broke up with him. A co-worker at Lucas Milhaupt told FOX6 News about two weeks later, Page stopped showing up for work. 

"When he was first moved here, he seemed frustrated and upset," neighbor Peter Hoyt said....

'Officials are interested in Page's participation in supremacist music scene'
Read more - http://fox6now.com/2012/08/07/officials-interested-in-pages-participation-in-supremacist-music-scene/

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