Who Am I ?

The immortality in us is the pure awareness or Soul.

Who Am I?

If we need to go to places, it requires we move from one point to another. We can either walk, run or fly. There is another movement happening inside us with or without physical movement. This movement is essence of our individual existence that determines our journey while we have physical body and when we do not have a physical body. The perpetual movement of our thoughts happens all the times. Even when our body is still, we journey, we move, we hardly ever pause in rush to get somewhere.

If we were to pause in our thoughts, we might realize the magnitude of our insanity in terms of not being alive, though we might be living lavishly. By pausing, we can meet reality, until than we are riding a train moving at 100mph, looking out the window at things that are appear to be moving. If we were born and lived in a train that always moved, no will be able to convince us that trees do not move. When our thoughts are zipping past all that is still, we are not alive as our reality is an illusion.

Movement and state of our thoughts determine who we are in a given moment. There are two kinds of movements of thoughts.

1. Perpetual Circular motion with no escape
We are not same all the times due to movement of our thoughts. If our thoughts are merely recycling, we are changing without changing. Thanks but no thanks. Even though there is movement, yet it does not lead to inner transformation, as the direction is circular, like a planet moving in its orbit. Ego being the center around which our thoughts orbit. The circular movements of thoughts forms patterns dictated by magnitude of forces of lust, anger, attachment, greed and pride. The more we as ego decide to feed the five forces our vital energy, the bigger grows the orbit. The size of orbit and complexity of patterns creates various social classes. These social classes determine degree of success in material world. We as thoughts like to orbit in biggest circle and our bodies follow. When we move to bigger orbit, we count that as a step towards success. We are living in orbits, with Ego as the master around which we as thoughts circle and body follows along.

Our success from our perpetual spinning of thoughts in orbit appears as physical activities indicating that we are living a successful life. There is no guarantee that we are alive, if we are living the grandest life. There is a stark difference between living and being alive. Success is the goal of living, where as to be aware of truth and live the truth is being alive. One could be living without being alive. When we are not only aware of truth and our purpose as human, but the truth and purpose in form of thoughts stays with us all the times, we are truly alive. Ultimately, these thoughts manifests as actions.

This in turn helps forces of truth and our purpose as human become greater than forces of lust, anger, attachment, greed and pride, escaping from the orbit of circular direction of thoughts and patterns of life. We become free of five forces and potential of being no limit awareness invokes in us in form of thoughts of truth and purpose.

Truth (126K)2. Truth directed motion unto truth
To realize the potential of no limit awareness is purpose of human life that ultimately leads to becoming alive - The Truth. All other purposes devised for success initially lead away from truth, bringing about chaos and pain in life. Then comes turning point, leading us back towards truth. Therefore, it can be inferred that everyone is moving towards truth through inner transformation of thoughts to become beings with no limit awareness. Human life is an excellent opportunity available to us - a boon.

A life driven by forces of lust, anger, attachment, greed and pride, no matter how grand it may be, is miniscule in front of truth. This miniscule nature of success reveals upon escape from the orbit of circular motion of thoughts around ego. A life driven by five forces is similar to living under clouds where the Sun of awareness of truth does not exist. Whereas, a life driven by forces of truth and our purpose as human is living above the clouds where the Sun of awareness shines bright. One who dwells below clouds is living and the one above the clouds is alive where the forces of lust, anger, attachment, greed and pride are ineffective. Without five horses, the charioteer ego has no choice other than to serve awareness. Thus, life as human begins.

It might be clear at this point, who am I? If not, let us take a closer look at ourselves.

Let us assume your name is Joe Smith. Let us began with Joe and his success to find if Joe is his success. His success is result of perpetual Circular motion of thoughts around ego with no escape. Joe's success is product of Joe's mind. When Joe's expensive car is rear ended for no fault of Joe, it makes Joe furious as if someone has punched him in the face. There is not even slightest bruise on Joe's face, yet Joe experiences excruciating pain as thoughts of anger and loss fill his mind. This is because of Joe's illusionary mind filled with fallacies. If Joe was the car, he shall respond when someone says Alfa Romeo. It is clear Joe is not the car, not the success, but at times Joe feels he is the car and he feels pain when something unexpected happens to his success. It is clear Joe is not any of the items that are measure of his success. If Joe was his success, upon removal or loss of any or all items synonymous with his success, Joe shall cease to exist. Yet, this is not the case. Many items of success that Joe identifies with existed before Joe was born and most of these items will still exist after Joe dies. This must mean Joe is not his success or Joe is not his mind. Joe Smith is neither an outside social circle in terms of success that he belongs to, believes in and lives for.

Joe is none of his possessions that are items of his success, produced by perpetual circular motion of his thoughts. This means Joe is not his mind. If Joe is not mind, than what is Joe? Is Joe a physical body? Let us explore.

Put your finger on Joe Smith.

Yes, your finger is resting on a knee or pointing to a knee. That is a knee, not Joe Smith, because Joe Smith is not a Knee. That is a leg, ankle, hip, chest, and so on, not Joe Smith because Joe is not a leg, ankle, hip, chest, and so on. When all the body parts and organs come together in very particular ordain, the heart pumps, the lungs inhale and exhale in a rhythmic pattern, Joe Smith comes into being. When body parts and organs are looked at separately, Joe Smith does not exist. Joe Smith is nothing, but when numerous elements in form of body parts and organs come together by following eternal cosmic law, Joe Smith appears. Joe Smith is a system that functions, breathes air in and out, pumps bloods through miles of arteries and veins, digests food to convert different foods into blood, flesh, bones, etc. for his body to grow and heal internal organs and outside skin. Joe Smith is a system that can drink, eat, sleep, walk, talk, run, breathe, digest, reproduce, survive and perform multitude of activities simultaneously. Joe Smith is a system that can think, to act and evolve in order to transform. Joe uses his mind for some of these activities and other autonomous activities are controlled by some other intelligence. Joe's mind is so powerful that it claims to be the master of Joe.

When mind is master, thoughts circle around ego and Joe lives. Without an escape from the patterns created by mind, Joe is not alive yet.

When we are not aware of our immortality or being alive, the system called mind presumably is the supreme master. Mind did not create itself. Mind is the womb from which systems and success is created to sustain life that when time arrives change, transform or become extinct over due course. That entire mind creates is impermanent. Below the mind are all systems that transpire through mind and above every system is ONE eternal system all the times. The eternal system that digests, breathes, pumps blood transporting essential nutrients to keep life in body. If mind was the supreme master, a person will never die and at will could give birth to self. If Joe associates with mind, he is mortal being who will live in fear of mortality. Fear is death. Death is not being alive, simply going through perpetual motions of living.

There is one aspect of Joe that is not in control of his mind. It is his breathing, digestion and pumping of blood that is under control of something greater than his mind. Joe is part of the one eternal system that is local and non-local as well. Upon becoming aware of localization of this one eternal system within Joe, an inner transformation begins. When Joe starts living this immortal system in thoughts it will invoke Joe's immortality and Joe will become alive. Alive while living and through bodily death.

The universe we are part of is living and constantly transforming with no end known to us. If we are part of the universe, we are immortal beings.

Association with mortal mind and its mortal products of success that we identify with makes us mortal. Fear or mortality at some point raises questions giving birth to a seeker. A seeker of immortality. A seeker of knowing. Knowing to become aware. Aware to transform from mortal to an immortal being. Aware to be alive through life and through bodily death. The immortality in us is the pure awareness or Soul.

We are pure awareness or soul in human bodies. Until we are aware of this truth, we are mortal beings identifying ourselves with mortal body and mortal mind.

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