What is Baisakhi to me?

This Baisakhi Day.......I slowed down long enough to say, “What is Baisakhi to me?.......What is it that will set me fre...

This Baisakhi Day
I slowed down long enough to say,
"What is Baisakhi to me?
What is it that will set me free?"
When I slowed down even more,
I opened up a door
for my mind and soul to have a

My mind:
Unfortunately, I suppose
there are times that I go:
"I don’t have time for that
Things are too busy for me,
Why should I have to do that
Life is so busy for me."

My soul:
What do you mean?
What are these “things”
you speak of that limit you so?

My mind:
Well, my business is so busy,
And my wife is so crazy,
Oh, I’m so, so tired…
Then there’s the children that I’ve sired.
What more am I to do?
I just want to watch t.v.
And have a little rest.
–I am doing my best!
Really, how much more can I do?

My soul:
You know what I’m tired of?
I’m tired of being held back,
of you giving me this flack.
I’m not able to shine,
when all you do is whine.
What exactly is this life for
And how many lifetimes more
Will you be saying
“I don’t have time for that
“Things” are too busy for me”?
Life is for living
Time is a ticking
Bow your head and
Say Sat Nam Ji.

What more could I say,
My soul has to get its way!
And so this Baisakhi Day
I will bow my head and say,
Sat Nam Ji

baisakhi (55K)


Thank you & Wahe Guru!

SS Ongkar Kaur Khalsa

[Originally published on April 16, 2012]


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