We all liked the We are Sikhs ads, but did they work?

The results were tremendous....

Many Americans are wondering how our nation became so divided. We’re wondering what can be done to ease the racial tension and political polarization that became front and center in our daily lives. Events like those in Charlottesville make it easy to become pessimistic and to question whether or not anything can be done to stop this senseless division.

Sikh Americans in the Valley are no stranger to tragedies that result from the polarization in our communities. The community still hasn’t fully recovered from the hate-fueled murder of Gurcharan Singh Gill in 2016 and the nearly fatal assault of Amrik Singh Bal in 2015.

These tragedies highlight the fact that Sikhism is one of the least understood faiths in the United States. This lack of understanding is heightened by the fact that many Sikhs wear turbans and long beards, which are often mistakenly associated with religious extremism. 

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