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Victories to savor for Sikhs & us all

For decades now, Sikh Americans have felt overlooked and excluded from the American experience....

On New Year’s Day, I will take my 2-year-old daughter to the mayoral inauguration in Hoboken, N.J. Why? I want her to celebrate Hoboken’s new leader, Ravi Singh Bhalla, who is one of the first turbaned Sikhs to be elected mayor in American history.

Bhalla was elected in November, just days after racist flyers were distributed around Hoboken that showed a photo of Bhalla with the message: “Don’t let TERRORISM take over our town.”

This was not the first time Bhalla was attacked for his unique appearance, and he was ready to respond with his values. As he wrote to his followers, “Of course this is troubling, but we won’t let hate win.”

Bhalla’s victory, along with three groundbreaking wins for Sikh American women on the West Coast, comes in a context of...

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