Tying turbans to unravel the mystery around Sikh culture

Year 6 student, Ella, said she believed the program was important for schools to take part in....

Schools and businesses around the country have used the Turbans and Trust program as an educational tool, with many South Australian schools running the program as part of their curriculum.

The hands-on program even included tying turbans on students to help demystify the headwear — and the Sikh culture. 

"Once they have information and knowledge then they can accept and understand why we wear turbans and why we do look a little bit different," she said.

Rich with colour and cultural meaning, turbans are a common but widely misunderstood.

With the largest Sikh population in regional South Australia, Riverland schools have been supportive of the program, finding a place for it in their curriculum.

"Acknowledging the diversity of people not only within our own school, but our community, and I suppose even our own country, and having a real acceptance of that," Our Lady of the River principal Ros Oates said.

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