Suffragette And Princess Sophia Duleep Singh: Stranger To Fear

“An embarrassment to the Empire for her ‘antics’ and her connection with Indian revolutionaries, Sophia was the quintess...

...Princess Sophia combined her valuable work for women’s suffrage with her passion for Indian independence. While boosting women’s suffrage, she successfully arranged a flag-day for Indian troops in 1918, which triggered near-panic among the stalwarts of Whitehall and New Delhi.

Image Credit: Twitter

Besides her political awakening, she worked for the destitute Asian sailors of the East End, the liberation of women, the freedom of India and in 1914 (First World War), for the Indian soldiers wounded on the Western Front. Sikh soldiers couldn’t believe that the granddaughter of Ranjit Singh sat by their bedsides in a nurse’s uniform.

She raised money for Indian troops deployed on the Western Front, who were hardly equipped to combat the unfamiliar, bitter cold. The Sikh honour of Punjab royalty and that... 

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