The Story of Sukhdeep Singh ~ An Appeal

February 7, 2013 by Sukhdeep Singh Sodhi

The Story of Sukhdeep Singh

Hi, my name is Sukhdeep singh and I hail from Jammu and Kashmir (INDIA.) I am a graduate in IT engineering and right from birth I was a very ambitious and aspirational person. I have a deep Sikh faith and that's the only reason I am a very tough and disciplined person.

Sikhs are in the minority in the state of J&K (Jammu and Kashmir) and there I saw alot of gruesome things take place in my native land right from childhood. J&K is a badly affected, terrorism prone area, and being a minority there was no care for our Sikh people. J&K consists of three major religions: the muslims the hindus and the Sikhs.

The Hindus are the majority in the country but they were afraid to live in the state, so they carried out a massive migration in the early 90's and we, as the second minority, were left there to suffer again and again as the government was heedless of Sikhs.

But being Sikhs we were never told to retreat.

My elders worked hard day in and out; made a bit of money, saved and served others so that many like me were able to get an education and some knowledge.

My point is that I'm not mad at the people there. I'm just happy to be where I am right now. There are only few "pschyos" and above all, "ignorant people" behind all the "terror" like this in the world. It is neither man's instinct, nor religion which is to blame.

Now as I've been planning a lot from my teenage years to this maturity and I want to achieve the pinnacle I can to give back the comfort and the peace to the people whose freedom was taken away and who were caged at the time when I was demanding the maximum growth from myself. One year ago, I received Guru's amrit and now my deepest wish is to feel the presence of my Guru. As it is written in Guru Granth Sahib Ji: "GURU MERE SANG SADA HAI NAALE."

So, I am in step to explore myself and to learn different and new things. I have been selected to do my Masters degree in Germany and I intend to imbibe the best in order to serve the best. I was looking for financial aid but I found out too late and the deadline has passed. Now the problem is money, and I am not sufficiently financially sound to afford my studies. I don't want to miss my chance just because of money. I am sure my Guru will help me. Perhjaps some who are reading my story can help finance my studies. After completing my degree I will work hard and, of course, repay all the money back.

Lastly, I just want the world to know that there are many weak ones who earned, saved and served. I am hoping that others who already got everything in their lives can lend a hand and and help me out in any way they can.

My email address is [email protected] and I have set up a PayPal account at this address to which contributions can be sent via PayPal. 

Please contact me. I will love to hear from you!
Guru Fateh!  ~ Sukhdeep Singh Sodhi

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