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Sikh Warrior Women (Special Edition Book)

Sikh Warrior Women: Warrior Saints (Vol. 1) {Special Edition}

Features previously unknown depictions and stories of women in the Sikh military history.

The story of Sikh warrior culture is not exclusively male as some may think - the real picture as told in the Special Limited Edition of Warrior Saints (Vol. 1) is very different

From the Mother of the Khalsa, Mata Sahib Kaur, to Mai Bhago, the indomitable warrior of the Tenth Master who led men into battle, women have played an intrinsic and vital role in Sikh martial history.

Warrior Saints: Four Centuries of Sikh Military History (Vol. 1) brings to light the role of women in the rise of Sikh power so why not share the full story of Sikh warrior culture this festive season with a gift of the Special Limited Edition to friends & family.

Its stunning design and wealth of rare imagery also makes it a wonderful heirloom to pass down the generations (especially for daughters and nieces).

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'The most dangerous looking lady I ever saw': a missionary's encounter with an Akalin

Warrior Saints (Vol. 1) features previously unknown depictions and stories of women in the Sikh military history.

While on tour in Patiala in 1842, a Christian missionary recorded his meeting with a female Akali warrior. His account conjures up a ferocious image:

We were visited this forenoon by a most singular character, an Akalin, or female faqir of a peculiar sect... she was armed to the teeth. Over her shoulder was slung a sword, while her belt was graced with a large horse pistol, a dagger, and sundry other weapons of destruction.. She was, certainly, the most dangerous looking lady I ever saw.'

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Until next time, sit back to enjoy your latest Kashi House book and be prepared to rediscover a rich cultural heritage.

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