Sikh temple donates $10,000 toward stem cell unit

So far $3 million has been raised, said K.C....

In the Sikh religion, Guru Tegh Bahadur Ji is known for urging three things — praying, honesty and charity.

So it was fitting that after a prayer for the man known as the ninth guru of Sikhism at Gurdwara Shaheedgarh Sahib temple at 200 Old Guelph Road on Sunday, a $10,000 cheque was presented to a representative of the Juravinski Hospital and Cancer Centre Foundation in support of the Tomorrow Stems From You campaign.

The Sikh community joined together to raise the money in what members say will be the first of many community donations in the future to various causes.

"This is the very first time the sacred community has come together to do a donation. But I am positive others will come around," said Matima Singh, who works for the hospital foundation, and is also a member of the temple.

Singh told directors of the temple "that foundations are crucial in health care because that is how we fund equipment.

"When I came to the temple, I explained that new technology we have in hospitals comes from donations coming in. That's why I wanted them to step up." 

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