Sikh Student Association aims to promote tolerance during awareness month

“Our goal is to teach (students) the importance of the turban and what it means to us as Sikhs,” Grewal said....

From a young age, Sonia Wraich said she has been bullied because of her religion.

Wraich, a third-year biology student, is a Sikh and community service director of the Sikh Student Association at UCLA. She said she and other members of the Sikh community often face judgment, which makes her hesitant at times to display her religion.

“I was bullied throughout elementary school,” Wraich said. “Nothing really saves you from the discrimination that you’re going to face.”

To educate UCLA students about the Sikh religion, SSA hosted Turban Tying and Kirtan on Wednesday as part of Sikh Awareness and Appreciation Month in November. The event allowed students passing by to experience tying a turban on their heads and learn more about the Sikh religion and its history. Participants also sang Sikh hymns called kirtans...

...Cade Luongo, a second-year mechanical engineering student, stopped by to chat with members and said he learned more about Sikh traditions.

“I learned that Sikhs keep their hair long, and the turban is worn by both men and women to keep their hair clean,” Luongo said.

Wraich said she believes it’s crucial for students to learn about and respect the religion.

“We are the fifth-largest religion on campus, but so many people here don’t know who we are,” said Wraich. “The goal of the event is to just spread awareness.”...

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