Sikh hymns survive sad times in Peshawar’s Mohalla Jogan Shah gurdwara

“My parents get happy when they see me studying at the gurdwara,” said one boy student....


In the 1990s, Sikhs from the tribal areas first started arriving in Peshawar’s Mohalla Jogan Shah. They soon adjusted to the new environment and opened businesses. Once their livelihood was sorted out, they started focusing on their young ones who they wanted to keep close to their religious beliefs. That’s when they set up the Gurudwara Bhai Joga Singh Dharmik School.

Every day, young girls in the traditional yellow come to the school to learn hymns. The school has been teaching children music for almost three decades.

However, when terrorism hit the region, it also affected this school. The school never closed down fortunately, but it did at times keep a low profile.

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