Sikh devotees offering humane services indeed

They require no police assistance... in their noble mission....

IT WAS indeed an inspiring aspect to see several Sikh devotees including aged ones and ladies offering real humane services to mankind without any pomp and show or publicity when these icons of human society were dressing wounds of beggars and others on footpath opposite holy Gurudwara Sis Ganj at Chandni Chowk (Delhi) on a daily basis.

They require no police-assistance or any other government-help in their noble mission. What more before leaving the place, they cleaned the footpath by packing up old bandages, cotton and other surgical waste. They advised the injured and wounded to bow their heads before the holy Gurudwara.

However, another daily service-mission of distributing food on footpaths of Chandni Chowk by another group of Sikh devotees bringing food in a van, though done with a noble intention, is being misused mostly by smack-addicted and beggars.

Distribution of free food encourages begging. Everyone knows that not only begging and smack are not good for society, but also beggars and smack-addicted earn much more than usual daily-earners or salaried persons.


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