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She lives on

Mothers may leave us physically but they never leave us spiritually.

My mother Swaran Kaur ji passed on in life last year. It seems to me, that mothers may leave us physically but they never leave us spiritually.

After the funeral and the departure all the friends and relatives, I walked alone through the rooms of her house. Even with the Mistress gone the home seemed to exude an energy, as if she was still there. I rationalised that, when disturbed or excited the human mind can conjure up anything the heart desires. So I let the feeling pass.

Mom had cultivated and nurtured many plants in her home and on the terrace. Well I was the only one there so I took care of the many plants.

After a few days I took the plants to my own home. It was then, when my terrace garden came alive that I realised that the very same energy I had sensed at her home were also present in these very plants.

I suddenly experienced that Mother lives on in our lives. Her love and energy had permeated into our lives, and influences my thoughts, words and deeds, and now through these plants. The energy and love she poured into me and many others was the same that these plants had also received. The flowers, the herbs and the aroma fills not only my senses but also my being.

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Everything we think, feel, say or do has consequences, because it is manifested in this universe.

Energy cannot be created nor destroyed, just its form gets transformed. If we are lucky we find our life mostly spent in the company of people with energy that makes us better, stronger, and more spiritual.


I know not what happens to people when they pass on and I am comfortable with that. All I know is mother left a lovely trail within me to journey on. What more can one ask from the divine?

I rarely attend social events, birthday or anniversary parties, etc. but when I do, I never present a bouquet of flowers, for they will wither and die in a couple of days. I like to present my hosts with something with meaning and life. A small potted plant is perfect. Something that will grow, and enrich their lives.


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